Vinyl flooring in slate

Vinyl floor in slate look - simply ingenious
The slate, which is synonymous with metamorphic sedimentary rock, forms folded structures. The texture and composition of these are suitable for giving a floor more expressiveness. That these structures do not appear boring at all is ensured by nature itself in its artistry

In this respect, stone patterns provide the floor with its natural attractiveness and variety. To appear unique and brute at first sight. It is therefore the stories that the rock knows how to tell. Thus vinyl floors, whose default was black clay, are a tribute to the beauty of this rough surface.
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Vinyl flooring in slate - is back in fashion!

The palette of available colour samples ranges from green-brown, which can be assigned to slate grass, to very different hues.

Up to graphite black, which owes its name to carbon and, as a mineral, ranges in its composition from soot to the transparency of a crystal structure. This colorlessness within the rock is the effect that gives the rock surface the mica when sunlight falls on it.

Polyvinyl chloride, which belongs to the thermoplastic polymers, is called soft PVC, short vinyl, because of its plasticizers and is nowadays No phthalate a biodegradable plastic. In this context, the vinyl floors available from Parquetkaiser are hitting the ravages of time and are also available in a tile look

This design is supplemented by longitudinal or butt joints, which provide the appropriate joint pattern either without a gap or with a gap. In this respect, different manufacturers offer countless variants. Which differ not only in the slate look. They can also differ fundamentally in quality and colour

The own creativity is therefore the measure, which arranges the interior design individually and uniquely. With the emphasis on the given