Vinyl floor maple

Vinyl flooring maple brings the hoped-for natural flair

If you are looking for an eye-catcher, you should definitely consider a vinyl floor in maple. As if by magic, this stylish surface creates a cosy living atmosphere

Thanks to its glamorous appearance, the floor covering is actually able to influence design developments of furnishing ideas. The design is neither kitschy, obtrusive nor overloaded

Rather, the vinyl floors are characterised by a rather unobtrusive structure. Nevertheless, the light colouring can conjure up a dreamlike laying pattern. In contrast with discreet furnishings, the flooring literally blends into a successful unit

Of course, breaks in style like a brightly coloured carpet or a dark sofa are just as welcome. When designing the residential units, the floor alone creates an immense amount of free space. A lot can be done with this.

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Vinyl flooring maple - The domestic charisma makes it

Sales rooms, boutiques or offices are impressively staged with the vinyl floor maple. The premises appear inviting and emphatically distinguished even at first glance. This is not insignificant if there is a constant stream of people coming in and out of the business premises. In general, vinyl floors impress with some trend-setting properties.

  • The vinyl floors consist of a protective surface that is scratch and stain resistant
  • It is a pleasure to walk on this flooring.
  • Feels soft
  • Practical and patented click systems ensure easy and quick installation
  • The vinyl floors are suitable for almost every application

Rattling heels and scratching chairs are often perceived as disturbing. A sound-absorbing structure efficiently counteracts the phenomenon

In addition, each individual segment is characterised by first-class workmanship and quality. This in turn is reflected in the long life and stability of the material. With the vinyl floor you create something for today, tomorrow and the future.