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The enchanting children's room photo wallpaper conveys a feeling of nest warmth and security

Kids are not satisfied with white and bare walls. Rather, the retreat should be decorated with child-friendly images and bright colors. Funny as well as adventurous motifs promise a lot of variety and put girls as well as boys in a good mood. Something playful it goes with the children's room photo wallpaper in cloud design. White fluffy little clouds hang on a thread that ends at the upper tip with a tied bow. The airy design is available with a background in pink, blue or gray. This visual eye-catcher serves as the perfect wall decoration for babies and toddlers. If the offspring is older, then the wallpaper can be removed again without residue in the whole piece.

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5 Items

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Children, how time flies

Not only parents are happy when the child grows and thrives. The little ones would love to ask for a tape measure all day long and see if they have grown a bit again. However, it is even easier to find out the size measurement. There is even a design wall equipped with a measuring rod. A giraffe, lion, monkey, butterfly and an owl guarantee the appropriate framework, cavorting next to a tree and keeping a close eye on growth. The scale from 70 cm to 170 cm is fixed in steps of 10. Thus, down to the millimeter, the actual size can be read. The cheerful hustle and bustle is rounded off with a blue or optionally a background in pink. The brilliant printing technology has to owe it to the wallpapers that they can reproduce their artistic originals in a pin sharp image quality. A colorful mix of colors makes the stylistic elements more lively and effective.

Create an extraordinary adventure and feel-good place for your child

Not only the great price provides rapture, but also the quality offered, automatically raises the wallpaper to a higher level. Since the trendsetter has a coating of PVC, the high carat appears particularly stable and resistant. In case of soiling, the surface can even be cleaned with a damp cloth. Even with emerging moisture, the wallpaper retains its shape. When drying, the material does not contract. And when you fix the strips to the wall, the all-rounder tears neither at the corners nor at the edges. With ease and little effort, the children's room can be transformed into a child-friendly room backdrop. The kids will certainly feel at home in the colourful surroundings. In addition, we would like to tell you some important facts about the children's room photo wallpaper.

  • The high-quality Made in Germany decoration product is 100% sustainable and recyclable
  • The article comes entirely without phthalates, plasticizers and harmful substances
  • Due to the glass fiber-free composition, the material is skin-friendly as well as odorless
  • The low-emission, antibacterial and antistatic properties make the bestseller a health-friendly and decorative solution for every children's room
  • When dry, the wall decoration can be easily removed