Skaben photo wallpaper Mountain - Mountains photo wallpaper - Mountain panorama photo wallpaper

Offers itself as an optimal underpinning of the personal style

Those who are looking for more extravagance should by no means lose sight of photo wallpapers. Especially non-woven wallpapers breathe new life into dull rooms in no time. Make bare walls more lively and provide a particularly beautiful living ambience. An imposing mountain panorama attracts every observer magically. Suddenly a certain feeling of freedom is sparked in us humans. Almost enviously, one looks at the passing flock of birds, eagerly sailing over the wooded peaks. Breathtaking expanses open up, awakening unimagined longings. Perhaps even reminiscing about a past vacation in the Alps. If you want romantic ideals in your sweet home, then by all means go for the photo wallpaper mountains. These extraordinary works of art are presented in an original design. Despite the fact that the image cutouts are the latest printing technology, the wallpapers have a great resemblance to the painting technique of wash. Aesthetically, the color pigments are distributed in different directions. As a result, some sections of the picture appear washed out and the colour intensity decreases. Skilfully staged brightenings are the result. The extravagantly rendered brushwork reveals various shades in its entirety. Dips the proud mountain massif quasi in fog. Pure fascination, which is also reflected in the performance characteristics.

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  • The all-rounder convinces with uniquely brilliant colour reproduction
  • Shows itself insensitive to temperature fluctuations and is also moisture resistant
  • The high-quality material is manufactured on textile cellulose basis
  • It is an ecologically safe product, which means that it does not emit any harmful vapours
  • Thanks to the special surface sealing, the wallpaper can even be wiped with a damp cloth

A guarantor in terms of durability

The exquisitely manufactured non-woven consists primarily of textile and cellulose fibres that can handle moisture very well. As soon as the wallpaper comes into contact with paste, the strips expand neither to the left nor to the right. Instead, the high-carat proves absolute shape retention. At the same time, the brand product impresses with an excellent processing. Due to the excellent stability, the photo wallpaper mountains does not tear at the edges or at the edges. Even who is at war with the task of wallpapering, which will gladly make an exception with the photo wallpaper mountains.

Everywhere gladly seen

The dreamlike mountain view is flexibly applicable. In the living and dining room, the mountain scenery is certainly an impressive eye-catcher. But the idyllic motif is also sure to be highly regarded outside of your own four walls. In everyday practice, the artistic template brings, for example, in treatment rooms or waiting rooms a lot of peace pure. The spectacle of nature would even be a welcome change in public buildings such as offices, clubs or social institutions. Such a wonderful wall decoration promises lots of relaxing moments and creates a relaxed feeling at the same time. Especially when the stress level rises in everyday office life, this haven of peace should not be conspicuous by its absence.