Skirting white & Hamburger skirting / Berliner Profil

White skirtings with Hamburger/Berliner profile for pure elegance
The Hamburger Profile, also known as Berliner Leiste, is a baseboard that creates a transition between floor and wall
The classic look makes your room shine with pure elegance. Parkettkaiser has numerous offers in the category "skirtings white".
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Different variations of the Hamburger Profile white

The Hamburger also known as Berliner Leiste is available in four different heights from 6 to 14 centimetres

Please note that Hamburg skirting should be adjusted to the height of the wallpaper to be covered or the height of the room, as required.

The higher the Hamburger strip is, the more elegance a room can radiate

The strips are available from 60 mm, 80 mm, 115 mm to 140 mm.

The Hamburger strip and its easy installation

1.There are four different ways of mounting the Hamburger strip. You can easily clip some of the Hamburg baseboards. Other "skirting boards Hamburger Profil" are glued on with an adhesive so that they are firmly mounted on the wall

2.The white hamburger strip is also available in a screw or nail variation. All types of installation are easy to handle and simple to perform, even for laymen.

Perfect appearance and functionality in one

On request, the "skirting boards white" from Parkettkaiser also offer integrated cable ducts to enable you to hide loudspeaker cables, telephone cables and power cables

This makes the entire room appear orderly and well organized.
The mouldings are therefore not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher in the room itself.

Baroque style meets modernity: Hamburg skirting board in trend

The classic, but at the same time attractive design of the Hamburg skirting board makes baroque charm appear ultra-modern and elegant

Thick, thin, straight or curved slats - all are of high quality and can be individually designed.

As all skirting boards are primed in white, you can easily colour them as required and adapt them to your walls in your home.

Expert advice on the Hamburg profile

If you are still undecided when choosing the skirting boards of the Hamburg model, please give us a call.

You are also welcome to use our free sample service and have one or more samples of the desired Hamburg moulding sent to you.

With the Hamburg skirting boards from Parquetkaiser, invest in high-quality, elegant skirting boards that enhance the room and make your home shine.