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Care products and installation accessories – best protection and correct installation for all kinds of floorings.

How should I take care of my parquet flooring? What is laminate care? Which oil suits my cork flooring?

Parkettkaiser provides you with the high-class floorings, panels, skirtings and offers you a wide choice of care products from famous and experienced manufacturers such as HARO, WO-CA or Forbo. Care is, unfortunately, still one of the most underestimated areas, when it is the case of flooring-, panel- or skirting maintenance. But it is certain, that the proper care of your flooring is very important and shouldn`t be underestimated! To increase the service life of your flooring you can combine regular sweeping and damp mopping with special care products for parquet, laminate, vinyl and decking. Excellent flooring care is a care with little effort and superb results. Give your flooring the care it needs and order our proven care products!

Care products for the most kinds of flooring are designed to be unproblematic and remain pH-neutral, environmentally friendly and particularly effective in cleaning. Parkettkaiser offers the special care products for every type of flooring. All of these flooring care products penetrate through the surface, protect, strengthen it and maintain the natural character of your flooring. So, you can do without harmful, corrosive, caustic cleaning agents or sharp-edged devices and cleaning tools.

The comprehensive care of oiled parquet flooring should contain a wood flooring soap and a refreshing oil. These products aim to provide your parquet flooring with rich oils.
The painted floor care is performed with specially designed products, such as special vinyl-, laminate- and varnish soap, which is easy to be found under the heading Care and Accessories. Using this laminate care product as a care product for vinyl, design flooring and panels you also obtain good results.
Care is especially important for decking, because decking is tending to be permanently affected by weather factor and should be regularly cleaned from dirt and vegetation. The decking care by WOCA, for example, is combined with a special applicator for exterior oil application.

The right floor care is ecologically sustainable and free from harmful toxins and aggressive substances. Care should prevent swelling and unwanted gaps. Without using of care products your flooring can quickly swell and unsightly gray spots can arise. The first wrong treatment can already cause serious damage of the flooring material. Due to the incorrect care and cleaning your flooring, skirting or panels loose the manufacturer warranty! However, the proper care is not difficult and can do wonders. Good care makes every kind of flooring to a long companion in your home.

Important care tip: flooring shouldn`t be wet cleaned. Natural wood floorings, such as parquet, but also laminate and vinyl do not tolerate the excessive humidity. As the result of too much water you get unsightly discolored patches, which are not to be fixed. Too much water causes swelling and shrinkage of your flooring. In this way can be also formed unsightly gaps.