Skaben non-woven wallpaper Stone - stone wallpaper

Hardly to be surpassed in ingenuity

With this perfectly worked out material the viewers must approach already closely to the wall to be able to distinguish the stone wallpaper from the original actually. The photo-realistic wallpaper is so well done that it is reminiscent of legendary brick walls. But don't worry, you won't get the usual construction site feeling with this interpretation. Especially since each version attracts attention with a different coloration. Thanks to the versatile colour palette, the templates can be cleverly integrated into any room concept. Some models move in a colour-neutral spectrum. White, grey or brown particularly set the tone. Especially with monochrome furnishings, the stone wallpaper harmonizes perfectly. If you decide on this trendsetter, then you should do without fancy design frills. Otherwise, the selected interior design looks too restless and overwhelming. Nonetheless, you may experiment with the wall coverings. You might apply stone wallpaper to one wall and simply paint over the other surfaces. Generally, the artful image cut-outs are no slouch and grant users a wide range of expression when designing the space.

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With the natural impulse generator you can dress your home oasis of well-being in individuality

Open floor plans and multifunctional designs define today's living culture. Living areas intermingle with each other to form a cosy unit. Conversely, for residents this means that all elements must be coordinated. Warm, natural materials as well as an eye-catcher elegantly round off the living environment. With the stone wallpaper, you give the idyllic retreat that certain something. The strong character embodies the modern attitude to life and sets a clear exclamation mark. The stone wallpaper does not always have to be used in interior design trends such as industrial chic or vintage. After all, those who do not like blemishes should not necessarily look for the rough charm bolt. For perfectionists, for example, the furnishing world minimalism, Bauhaus or Skandi Style offers itself. The collection also goes perfectly with these living landscapes. In the same breath, the bestseller comes with an amazing performance package around the corner.

  • The mixture of long-fibre pulps, textile fibres and binders gives the wallpaper a particularly firm structure
  • The material does not contract when drying and the all-rounder can also be processed very well in this way
  • If necessary, the wallpaper can be easily removed in whole strips
  • One wallpaper roll is enough for 5.327 m²
  • The dry wallpaper strips are embedded on the pre-plastered wall surfaces and then pressed on

Very popular everywhere

The wallpaper type insensitive to soiling and moisture is always an option for areas such as kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Not only professional interior decorators prefer to work with the hard-wearing high-carat. Also many do-it-yourselfers have discovered the advantages of this style means for themselves already for a long time. The wallpapering goes without much effort over the stage. In addition, no soaking time is required. This in turn saves a lot of time.