Skaben Nature Wallpaper - Nature / Forest / Palm / Bamboo / Waterfall / Landscape Wallpaper

The magical wall decorations suggest a unique mood

Nature exerts a special charm on people. Whether bizarre rock formations, gorges, waterfalls or trees, each element causes great astonishment. Even inconspicuous brightly coloured leaves, aimlessly sailing to the ground through the autumn wind, trigger positive vibrations. Therefore, no one is surprised that the impressive spectacles of nature are used again and again as an artistic template. But it is not only in painting that people are aware of the aesthetic significance. The unique landscapes have also long played an overriding role in interior design. Photo wallpapers with forest images or palm trees are considered a real highlight. The paradise blossoming in strong green embodies the meeting point of flora and fauna in a breathtaking way. At the sight of the mighty trunks and the imposing foliage, every viewer sinks into thought. A longing flares up to go for a walk at the edge of the forest at home. Unfortunately, this intention cannot always be put into practice immediately. Either there is a lack of time or the relaxing idyll does not border directly on the front door. With the photo wallpaper forest, nature or palm trees, you can get the sensory impressions all year round in your home.

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Brings you closer to nature a proper piece

The attention to detail makes you feel like you are standing in the middle of greenery. You can catch a glimpse of the blue sky through the treetops. Further great contrasts offers, for example, the Skaben photo wallpaper Palm. The palm leaves in their perfectly styled ray shape create a tropical living flair. Offer creative makers a decorative potential to create modern living units. Spectacular plays of light and warm color schemes are present in all murals. As a result, the picture details look absolutely authentic and very elegant. This outstanding quality goes one to one into the performance characteristics.

  • The non-woven wallpapers withstand heat and steam excellently and are ideally suited for applications such as kitchen or bathroom
  • You acquire an environmentally friendly product, as it does not contain plasticizers, PVC or solvents
  • The substrate should be as smooth as possible and without irregularities
  • Even inexperienced do-it-yourselfers get along with the article perfectly, because the wallpapers have good processing properties
  • Features such as wash-resistant, UV-resistant, odorless, skin-friendly, anti-allergic and flame-retardant prove the unique quality of the bestseller

The natural impulses involuntarily increase the comfort of living

Wall decorations can not only be integrated into furnishing worlds with a rural character. Even trendy living styles can take advantage of the noble design elements. Already the imaginatively designed photo wallpaper Window sets clear accents. The motif depicts a garden window with ivy vines. Crumbling bricks tastefully round off the entire look. The shot fits even the industrial style, retro look, Bauhaus style or shabby chic. The versatile style medium promises a lot of variety in any case and can be used in many areas. Would you like to let green oases of well-being move into your home? Then we offer you a diverse range to beautify your interiors.