Vinyl floor chestnut

Vinyl floor chestnut for that certain something

The expressive vinyl floor chestnut looks good in any situation. It doesn't matter whether those in need of relaxation are making themselves comfortable on their sofa, in a reading chair or perhaps in the kitchen at the dining table to drink a cup of coffee and read a newspaper

The vinyl floor chestnut gives a wonderful background. As many interior design enthusiasts know, colours and patterns not only have a conscious but also a subconscious effect and are thus jointly responsible for the feeling of well-being

Therefore, it is also in this respect not to be underestimated which colours and shapes predominate in one's own home. Wood-look shades have a particularly calming and balancing effect. Chestnut has a special appearance here because of its light reddish-golden shimmer

Thus the entire living space is given a warm and noble coat of paint. The furniture does the rest, of course, and accessories such as flowers or candleholders, for example, have a great effect and are a perfect match for this floor.

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