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Stepping out of line also has its charm

Within your own four walls, you don't have to adhere to any guidelines, patterns or fixed procedures when it comes to giving the interior design a bit of a helping hand. Rather, you're allowed to try things out, reinvent yourself or dare to break with style, so to speak. Especially since the renovation market has a lot to offer. New products are constantly appearing that make a big splash in the field of interior design. Turning old living concepts upside down from one moment to the next and giving the rooms a new look. We also carry such extraordinary style icons in our program. Such a representative is for example the photo wallpaper Modern. This impressive design element carries decorative aspects that ultimately lead to an unconventional form of expression. The extravagant photo motifs make the home environment a little more colorful. Perhaps the artistic templates even polarize, but appreciative looks you will definitely reap for your courage from any viewer. Thanks to the pompous color explosion and abstract art, a good mood is created.

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The wall magic will certainly not go unnoticed

Standing out at any cost? Of course, the stunning design of non-woven wallpaper immediately catches the eye. But because of that, the machinations are neither lurid nor provocative. Rather, the images captivate with style and elegance. The otherness gets in seconds in the focus of the viewer and provides great enthusiasm. Especially in a spacious loft, the impulse generator can set stimuli. Thanks to the strong-coloured accents, minimalist as well as discreet furnishing styles are given more depth. With the design classic you awaken a new attitude to life and make your home more varied. Already in the reception and passageway area, the stylistic element meets all requirements. They grant visitors, patients, customers or business partners already in the corridor a surprising sight. You show the general public or only select guests that you are a person with ingenuity. That you do not think much of mainstream, instead flirt with sleek diversity. The photo wallpaper modern supports the uniqueness factor in any case.

The wallpapering runs like clockwork

Before you get down to business, mix the non-woven adhesive. Allow the paste a certain swelling time. You will find the corresponding information directly on the packaging. Then apply the glue directly to the walls. You do not have to paint or soak the photo wallpaper Modern. An enormous advantage, because so the renovation goes without much time over the stage. Then press the wallpaper strips piece by piece to the prepared surfaces. It is best to use a wallpaper brush for this job. Always work your way from the middle to the edges. Enclosed we would like to tell you more product advantages to the article.

  • The non-woven wallpaper is made of special cellulose and textile fibres combined with polymer binders
  • Free of PVC, harmful plasticizers, solvents and glass fibers
  • The all-rounder is dimensionally stable and crack-bridging
  • The top product can be used on all wallpaperable surfaces indoors
  • Stains or other light soiling can be removed from the wallpaper again with a damp cloth