Scaben Wallpaper Palm - Palm Tree Wallpaper - Tropical Wallpaper

Bring a piece of serenity into your own four walls

What would you say if you could swap the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a laid-back holiday feel? Great idea, but you've used up all your annual leave? It's not like you're supposed to book a trip right away. Instead, simply bring the scent of the sea and the summery flair to your home. You can even create a friendly and uplifting atmosphere at work. You don't have to make any big leaps in the process. A soothing wall decoration already works wonders. With the palm tree photo wallpaper, for example, you create an exotic temple of relaxation. Quasi a wall design that immediately catches the eye and provides plenty of relaxation. Palm leaves trigger positive vibrations in small as well as large viewers. The tropical appearance suggests regeneration and also creates a vitalizing mood. Transforms the living room at home in no time into an extraordinary oasis of well-being. In general, the colour green stimulates mental performance. It is also proven that this smart contrast has a regenerative influence on the human organism. Enough reasons to let the palm tree mural take the lead.

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A dreamlike ray of hope on particularly hectic days

Clearly, the palm leaves radiate a certain looseness and exoticism. Discreet and simple rooms miss you with this artistic template a whole new dimension. Living trends that rely on functional and straightforward design need a brightener. The palm tree photo wallpaper gladly jumps into that role. The invigorating eye-catcher brings visual calm to your home and lets you forget the worries of everyday life. Without much effort, you can turn a somewhat cool interior design into a pearl with tropical appeal. From a functional point of view, there is also something amazing to report.

  • The A+ rating, the Greenguard seal in gold and the Nordic Ecolabel certify that the wallpaper releases only small amounts of chemical emissions
  • All inks used for digital printing are odourless and allergy-neutral
  • The all-rounder is considered skin-friendly because there is no glass fibre in the article
  • No fading of the motif is possible due to high sunlight, because the top product is absolutely lightfast
  • If the beautiful appearance is disturbed by dirt, then remove this with a damp cloth

The top-class composition is the secret

Qualitatively, the Skaben palm tree photo wallpaper has a lot to offer. Recyclable non-woven material is considered the main component of the high-carat. Because there are neither glass fibers nor other toxic substances in the material, we speak of an environmentally friendly and healthy for the home style. The product Made in Germany shows itself to be particularly dimensionally stable and can even be washed off with a damp cloth if there are signs of soiling. Even after years the wall covering reveals an appealing design. The colours used for the digital print stand out due to their excellent quality. At the same time, the reproduced image promises a reproduction with excellent depth effect. Not only in private rooms the palm tree photo wallpaper is a feast for the eyes. Without a doubt, the impulse givers can also leave a lasting impression in public areas as well as business premises.