Laminate in herringbone look

Herringbone laminate - a representative classic becomes easy to care for!

Herringbone and laminate is the perfect combination of tradition and hard-wearing suitability for everyday use. The classic herringbone pattern in laminate quality is a classic with an extraordinary spatial effect. Laminate for clicking in a herringbone look makes normal rooms stylish and representative. At the same time, the interesting floor covering is wonderfully practical. Be inspired by the different colour schemes, authentic material imitations, wood decors and designs in herringbone laminate installation patterns when choosing your flooring: Your new dream floor could be part of it. Please ask for a sample!

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What makes herringbone laminate so distinctive?

Herringbone laminate is reminiscent of a fish skeleton in its structure. That is why this traditional laying technique, which we have known since ancient times, also received its name. The playful geometric zigzag or ear of corn pattern is always a refreshing eye-catcher in functional rooms. With a laminate floor in fishbone structure, classically and modernly furnished living rooms, offices and business premises are given a very special touch. Herringbone or fishbone laminate conjures up unusual room effects with guaranteed eye-catching effects thanks to the striking prongs at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees. Stability, good stress distribution and attractive appearance have always been the appeal of these hard-wearing and easy to install laminate floors with a touch of exclusivity.

Classic and extravagant laminate with herringbone look

Lively zigzag patterns always give your rooms a little more flair, excitement and character. Depending on the arrangement and width of the bars and the wood or material optics chosen by you, living rooms with herringbone laminate appear: sometimes elegant and representative, sometimes full of character and particularly individual. Herringbone laminate brings an extravagant atmosphere and feel-good ambience even in large halls or business premises. In the hotel lobby or in the exclusive shoe shop you combine durability and style! We know the high-quality laying patterns in herringbone structure from the palaces, castles, museums and art galleries of past centuries. Herringbone laminate combines the exclusive aura of space and spaciousness with high durability and robustness in everyday life. Some laminate floors are even suitable for damp rooms and will transform your bathroom into an art-deco palace with a special touch. Equip your private living room, library, boutique or stylish hotel bar with this practical and easy-care floor. You will always be amazed by the authentic effects of the herringbone decor on your modern laminate flooring.

Laminate herringbone for highly frequented rooms with lots of character

Cleverly laid herringbone laminate makes small rooms bigger and gives large rooms incomparable character, more structure and liveliness. If you want to make the best use of the visual effect of your herringbone floor, pay attention to the incidence of light in the room. Functional kitchens, offices, living and dining rooms become extravagant and representative through the light effects in the laminate. Many manufacturers have high-quality laminate in herringbone decor in various qualities for different areas of application in their product range. Go on your personal journey of discovery and choose a hard-wearing and practical floor with an interesting designer look. Whether you opt for dark, honey-coloured or light oak, maple or cement decor in herringbone structure, your individual furnishing style and personal taste will determine your choice.

Discover the laminate variety

If you like it a bit more unusual, choose French herringbone or chevron instead of the classic herringbone pattern. This will bring even more extravagant accents to your living and working spaces. Laminate looks deceptively similar to real wood floors and is usually much cheaper and easier to maintain than a corresponding wooden floor. Do you love rustic, light or puristic ambience? A robust and durable laminate flooring in herringbone look sets extraordinary highlights even in heavily frequented rooms or long corridors. This flooring provides food for discussion about the historical laying technique of our ancestors and the achievements of modern floor technology.

The intelligent mix makes the quality of the laminate

Laminate floors are also made of wood and environmentally friendly glued resins. Herringbone laminate made of high-density fibreboard with a decorative layer is a high-quality floor covering without additives that are harmful to health or the environment. Herringbone patterns in wood and stone decor with phases around the respective planks perfectly imitate the real wood character. Laminate floors with herringbone design can be laid without any problems in the kitchen and in rooms with underfloor heating. Depending on your personal requirements, you will pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty. High-quality and timeless laminate flooring with a long warranty period will give you pleasure in every phase of life. Choose your personal favourite in terms of style and durability.

  • robust and easy to clean
  • individual and special
  • pollutant-free quality goods
Stylish and easy to clean!

Laminate is an extremely easy-care floor covering. If children and dogs romp around the house or high heels and rough sole profiles regularly scurry across the floor, you don't have to worry about laminate, unlike with high-quality wooden floors. Contamination can be removed very easily. Brooms and vacuum cleaners are sufficient for dust and coarse dirt. A damp cloth and laminate cleaner will do the rest. With a little care your laminate herringbone will stay as good as new for a long time! When choosing a laminate floor with a herringbone pattern, you want something special away from the mainstream. Filigree herringbone or protruding serrated patterns make every room a little more eye-catching. Style your rooms into uncomplicated and easy-care classics with lots of living pleasure and representative elegance.