Herringbone parquet flooring in chevron pattern - French herringbone flooring

Create elegant floors with chevron parquet

Chevron parquet is another term for French herringbone parquet. You are probably familiar with the herringbone installation pattern - it has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it fits perfectly with modern interiors. It is also called angle bond because the planks are laid at an angle to each other. Chevron is another type of angle bond.

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How is chevron parquet different from herringbone parquet?

In both cases, the parquet is laid as an angle bond. In the "herringbone" installation pattern, the parquet planks are laid at an angle to each other, but the planks themselves are rectangular. Planks for the installation pattern "Chevron", on the other hand, are beveled on the short sides - usually at an angle of 45 °, as in the Skaben Chevron parquet. This gives the planks the shape of a rhombus. They are laid in such a way that they always touch each other with both a long and a short side. The result is an even more elegant herringbone pattern. This type of parquet installation was originally used by the bourgeoisie in the period before the French Revolution, for example, in the Palace of Versailles. Therefore, it is said to have a special flair.

The advantages of chevron parquet

  • This type of installation makes the parquet look particularly timeless elegant. Since parquet is a very durable floor covering, it makes sense to choose a laying pattern that will not go out of fashion so quickly.
  • Parquet is offered in various shades - from very light gray to light brown to a very dark brown. So you can also find the right variant for your taste.
  • Since the wood used for the wear layer may have visible grains and knots, as well as spatulated cracks and knotholes, the parquet looks very natural.
  • Due to the multi-layer construction of the parquet floorboards, precious wood is saved.
  • This parquet is very durable. The warranty period is 25 years for use in privately used rooms.
  • Chevron parquet is fully glued during installation. This results in a very strong bond, both between the individual planks and between the planks and the subfloor.
  • This parquet is approved for installation over water-bearing or electric underfloor heating systems. The temperature on the surface must not exceed 29 °C.
  • The surface of this parquet is protected by several layers of a protective varnish, which also makes it extremely easy to maintain.

The installation of chevron parquet

Angle joints and fully glued flooring are always more difficult to install than, for example, floating floorboards. With the Chevron installation pattern, the beveling of the individual planks is an additional factor. Therefore, the installation must be done very carefully and a certain expertise must be present. Otherwise, your floor will end up looking not naturally elegant, but bumbling. Therefore, unless you are a very skilled craftsman yourself, it is better to leave the installation of this parquet to professionals. In addition, the subfloor must be properly prepared before laying the parquet. With the longevity of this floor, this is certainly a reasonable, sensible investment in time and money. To plan the work, you need to take into account that before laying the parquet needs 48 hours to acclimatize in the room. To do this, lay the closed packages with the parquet flat on the floor of the room. The room temperature should be between 18 °C and 24 °C during acclimatization and installation. Relative humidity during this must be between 45% and 60%.

This is how this parquet is constructed

Each wooden plank of this parquet consists of three layers. The upper layer is the wear layer. It consists of the precious wood, for example, oak. It is protected by five layers of a UV matt acrylic varnish. Thus, the planks are treated ready for living, so no further care is required. Underneath the wear layer there is a middle layer and a counter layer of softwood. This multi-layer construction is more environmentally friendly than planks made of solid wood, because less of the slow-growing precious wood is needed. In addition, the backing layer makes the plank less sensitive to changes in shape caused by fluctuations in room temperature and relative humidity. Wood expands or contracts under their influence. This effect is minimized by the different types of wood and a different orientation of the wood fibers.

How to preserve the beauty of chevron parquet for a long time

To enjoy your new parquet for a long time, you should use only the products approved for its cleaning. Simply sweep off dust and loose dirt. For more extensive cleaning, add the special cleaner to the mop water according to the manufacturer's instructions and use it to wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Too much moisture is harmful. So if any liquid is spilled on the floor, mop it up as soon as possible. Do not use hot water cleaning equipment to clean the parquet. Besides moisture, sand and small stones are the main enemies of any parquet floor. So make sure that they do not get on the floor in the first place by using dirt-trapping mats. Please note that parquet darkens due to sunlight. This is a normal reaction of the wood, not a material or production defect.