Underlay sheets for vinyl floors

Underlays for vinyl flooring - Impact sound and insulation

If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable underlay for vinyl floors, you will find a wide range of underlays here. With perfect technical properties. Each underlay for vinyl convinces with excellent insulation and footfall sound absorption. It also results in good walking comfort and footfall sound. The webs can be cut flexibly according to requirements. They can also be installed in combination with underfloor heating. Below you will learn more about the characteristics and advantages of underlays for vinyl floors.

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Which underlay for vinyl is required?

Depending on the nature of the subfloor and the type of installation, different underlay sheets can be used for the insulation of vinyl floors. An underlay as vinyl floor impact sound insulation is required for floating floors. There, however, the membranes must effectively dampen the vinyl impact sound. With a fully glued vinyl floor, no additional vinyl floor impact sound insulation is required.

Different types of insulation underlay for vinyl floors

Here in the shop you will find underlay sheets for vinyl floors in three different variations. For example, there are underlays for solid click vinyl floors. There are also self-adhesive underlays for adhesive vinyl. So you can do without the normal glue

Alternatively, you will find impact sound insulation designed for vinyl on HDF core board or WPC core board

If you have a vinyl floor on a cork or IXPE backing plate, you do not need another underlay.

On a mineral substrate such as cement and screed, you also need a vapour barrier in the form of a PE film

This protects the floor covering from rising damp. In this way damage and mould can be avoided.

Insulating underlays for solid vinyl floors

For a solid vinyl floor, a high performance insulating underlay for vinyl flooring is required. It alleviates vibrations and improves the vinyl impact sound. High-quality insulating underlays also protect the floor in several ways. The sheets compensate for slight unevenness of up to 0.5 millimetres and act effectively as a vapour barrier against rising damp

Thanks to the insulation underlays, the additional laying of a PE foil is not necessary. In addition, the sheets provide excellent vinyl walking comfort with a combination of pressure stability and elasticity. The insulation underlays protect and stabilize the click connection and prevent the vinyl from corrugating or breaking joints

It also prevents the substrate from becoming visible on the surface. Good underlays dampen the impact sound by up to 18 decibels, which acts like halving the sound level. They can also be installed over vinyl floor underfloor heating. Here are the advantages of modern insulation underlays for vinyl at a glance:

  • Reduction of impact sound by up to 18 decibels
  • act as a vapour barrier against rising damp
  • good insulating properties
  • excellent walking comfort
  • protect and stabilise the laying system
  • suitable for floating laid vinyl floors of all kinds