Skaben non-woven wallpaper tiles - tile wallpaper

A particularly elegant solution for kitchen and bathroom

As a rule, you will find a tiled backsplash above the kitchen counter. The design addition serves equally as a splashback and as a modern kitchen decoration. Various natural stone tiles are often used for this purpose. Consumers are really well advised with this robust and durable stylistic device. However, the installation of the individual tiles is very time-consuming. The rows must be in alignment and a certain amount of craftsmanship is required for installation. Depending on the length and height, this renovation project can turn into a Sisyphean task. But if you still don't want to do without the legendary kitchen backsplash, you should take a look at tile wallpaper. Thanks to the practical tile wallpaper, the do-it-yourself movement is given an uncomplicated opportunity to beautify your own four walls. The machwerke are characterized by an appealing colorfulness as well as a true-to-detail facet. Above all, however, the all-rounders are very easy to wipe off again. Passionate hobby cooks in particular know that splashes of grease and stains from sauces like to get up to mischief on the surfaces behind the stove. In general, all tile wallpapers from SKABEN are very durable and unbeatable easy to clean.

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Skaben Tile Wallpaper Green 10.05 m x 0.53 m
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You will automatically have to look

Tile wallpaper comes in other areas just as to the train. Many creative contemporaries are particularly taken by the straightness and naturalness of the collection. Especially since the photo wallpaper looks like its role model to the dot. From a distance, no difference can be seen. Only when touching the surface coating does it become clear that it is not natural stone. Visually, the design element definitely creates an appealing environment. The tile wallpaper is not only a successful eye-catcher in sanitary areas and kitchens. The tile decor even offers itself in the hallway and in entrance areas as an everyday style icon. A friendly entrance is already guaranteed with the bestseller. In addition, the high-quality material can handle temperature fluctuations very well. The non-woven wallpaper neither contracts nor does the wall decoration show weaknesses in the wallpaper design. Also with other product properties, the pulse generator proves continuity.

  • Optical as well as haptic irregularities do not occur due to the high light resistance
  • The true-to-life digital print makes the Designwall an irresistible eye-catcher
  • Characteristics such as flame retardant, wash-resistant, environmentally friendly and completely removable when dry are firmly anchored in the product
  • The tile wallpaper meets the stricter requirements of the Gütegemeinschaft Tapete e. V., therefore the top products are marked with the RAL-GZ-479 label
  • Optimal renovation results are achieved when the substrate is clean, dry, smooth, firm and absorbent before wallpapering

In terms of hygiene, the wall covering gets an A with asterisks

Washable wallpaper is an excellent alternative to white plastered walls. Especially in the entrance area impurities can not be stopped. Already when taking off shoes, splashes now and then the match on the walls. Do you have pets in the household? Then it is high time that you fall back on this wall decoration, if you do not want to constantly prepare the rooms. If small and large four-legged friends once vigorously shake their fur, then the remains spread unabashedly throughout the room. Sometime you have the unpleasant stigmas tired. If the non-woven wallpaper is already on the walls, then simply run a damp cloth over the affected areas. And already the mishap has disappeared as if from the face of the earth.