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With the style icons from SKABEN you will make a precision landing

When renovating, passionate do-it-yourselfers can sometimes go round in circles when it comes to giving the wall covering a new layout. Lots of opinions, but no result in sight? With a circular wallpaper you get to the point extremely quickly. This original design clearly stands out from the ordinary. The geometric diagram is creatively inclined and covers numerous design preferences. If you go for this trendsetter, you will skilfully influence the effect of the room. It does not matter whether it is a bright, small, larger, higher or lower room. A circle wallpaper or point wallpaper can be placed for example only on a wall. If you have fallen in love with the design at first go, then there is nothing at all against it, if you decorate the entire room with this chic wall covering. Give yourself a jolt and simply push aside habitual room staging. The prints also present themselves in a discreet manner and therefore do not seem intrusive at all. For experimental contemporaries, a circle wallpaper or dot wallpaper is a real stroke of luck. Even if you live in an apartment with old building charm, you can include the decorative link in any renovation project.

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Has a lot of special features in store

The wallpapers have a simple and timeless design. In the same breath, the openers leave a particularly stylish impression. Undoubtedly, the style means represent a beautiful idea for the entrance area. With the trendy eye-catcher, you create a place where guests immediately feel welcome. Alternatively, the murals are a welcome change in the living and dining room. But it is not only in private homes that these high-calibre pieces promise a cosy ambience. You run a boutique or a salon? Great, then you miss the workplace necessarily a sympathetic charisma. The circular wallpaper or dotted wallpaper has been proven to positively influence the mood. Or would you enter a room that represents a dark, cold and unattractive appearance to the outside world? The wallpapers generally contribute to a calm and pleasant feeling. In addition, the all-rounders come to you in terms of user-friendliness just as much.

  • The material is easy to process and flame retardant
  • The arrangement is considered to be very dimensionally stable, i.e. true to shape, in all directions
  • Non-woven wallpapers are permeable to air and vapour, thus creating a good living climate
  • Soaking times are omitted, therefore wallpapering is quicker
  • If you don't like the wallpaper, you can pull it off the wall in one piece

There will be a significant change

Who says that woodchip wallpaper is the best wall design? Non-woven wallpapers have been moving more and more into the focus for quite some time now, because they are completely uncomplicated to process. From an optical point of view alone, you can only be congratulated on a dotted wallpaper or circular wallpaper. The candidates offer a variety of expression possibilities and will really turn your home upside down. Incidentally, you can look forward to a wide range of colors.