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An excellent stylistic device to achieve a unique spatial effect

There are enough ideas and trends to make a wall appealing. Wood also plays a crucial role in this theme. From cladding to paneling, a lot can be done with this versatile building material. However, there are other interesting alternatives to this variant. Such a candidate is the 3D wood optics photo wallpaper from the house SKABEN. The wall covering is so well made that there is no difference between it and the original. In the same breath, a very unusual stamp was put on the product. Wooden surfaces cavort in the background, but a spectacular arrangement of cell structures also comes into focus. The perfectly staged plastic contrast lends the image a futuristic touch. Such an artistic wall covering is not encountered every day. Already in the 70s modern wallpaper types were in great demand. The facon stands out clearly from conventional designs. Perhaps a little daring, sensational and imaginary, in any case, the wallpaper is ready for the stage and will take many tireless reformer hearts by storm.

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This style icon goes its very own way

In a way, you can compare the 3D wood-look photo wallpaper to abstract art. The strange weave on the wood surface definitely attracts attention. Clearly, this was intended by the manufacturer. The shape breaks with conventional and well-known styles. Be brave, the creation will change your home scenery. Whether in the private sphere or in public premises, the wall decoration provides everywhere for an unmistakable and pleasant atmosphere. The pictured wooden elements are of course an ideal complement to the country house style. However, the all-rounder can also be integrated into other layouts. Due to the effective presentation, the wall covering is also suitable for current living trends such as Industrial Style, Purism, Shabby Chic, Mid-Century or Japandi. Even detours into nostalgic eras such as vintage, retro or art deco are permitted. This incredible potential is intensified even more by outstanding performance features.

  • Only odourless and non-toxic colours and materials are used in the production process
  • Has the FSC-Mix certificate as well as the RAL-GZ 479 quality mark and thus proves that it is an environmentally friendly product
  • The wallpaper is skin-friendly and non-allergenic
  • In the width the pattern measures 3.5 m and the height is given with 2.55 m
  • The wall decoration can be used in the bathroom, hallway as well as staircases at any time, as the surface can be cleaned easily

Convinces with ingenuity and quality

Non-woven wallpapers are a wonderful alternative to the paint pot, because they allow an easy and quick restyling. Especially do-it-yourselfer, experimenters and first-time wallpaperers will quickly make friends with the chic impulse generator. Previous knowledge is not at all necessary to apply the wallpaper to the wall surfaces. Besides, it concerns a hard-wearing and robust material which allows a clean as well as trouble-free processing unconditionally. Humidity as well as solar radiation literally bounce off the high-carat. Users do not have to struggle with prescribed soaking times and sticky hands either.