Skaben non-woven wallpaper Flowers - floral wallpaper

With a floral wallpaper rooms look a bit more inviting and authentic

Who gives the preference to floral wallpapers, who creates in the result more romance, aesthetics and naturalness in the rooms. Undoubtedly, a floral wallpaper takes over the function as a gentle and sophisticated designer. Especially the country house style emerges as a great profiteer. With this furnishing world the flower wallpaper can play out her whole ability so properly. The pattern wallpapers convince with honest beauty and leave an unadulterated impression with the viewer. Whether tender green leaf tendrils on white ground or an effective leaf forest, the interpretations bring more life into the cosy home. Critical voices think that this style is out of fashion. Is that really the case? Wait a minute, are we talking about stylistic devices that are long past their prime? Objection, because the splashy 60s and 70s are more in demand than ever. Thus, floral wallpapers are also experiencing a real revival. Preferably in living landscapes such as shabby chic, retro, vintage, art deco or colonial style, the trendsetters are used. And for good reason. A flower design always forms an appealing background. Thanks to detailed representations, the non-woven wallpapers look incredibly authentic. Inevitably, the eye candy brings a piece of summery romance in your own four walls. Through artfully printed branches as well as flowers, the wall coverings automatically gain more expressiveness and a creative mind should definitely take advantage of this.

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Can adapt well to different floor plans

Most of us are after a friendly and warm atmosphere. With natural materials, light colours and an elegant wall decoration, you can get a lot closer to this wish. Wallpapers with floral motifs are not only an option for little girls or grandmothers. Basically, the motifs appeal to a wide audience. One look is enough and immediately the flowering creations remind you of a sunny walk. Not only graceful plants promise a relaxed and fresh feel-good atmosphere. In the category floral wallpaper, varied interpretations are waiting for you, which definitely give your living environment a modern face. In the same breath, the performers trump with a remarkable expertise.

  • Particularly recommended for areas of application such as hallway, corridor, kitchen, bedroom and living room
  • Use non-woven wallpaper paste for wallpapering
  • The all-rounders are considered to be very robust and resistant and can withstand scratches without complaint
  • The practical wall covering is healthy to live in and environmentally friendly
  • Thanks to digital printing techniques, the image cutouts convince with an outstanding color brilliance

Do not change their shape during processing

Working with the versatile perennials is definitely a pleasure. When wallpapering even a beginner can not go wrong with this style icon. Due to the durable texture, the wallpaper tears neither at corners nor edges. The material lies well in the hand and can be pressed easily with a wallpaper brush on the wall. There are no sticky fingers, because the paste is applied directly to the wall surfaces. From the ground up, this design element is a clean affair.