Skaben Photo Wallpaper 3D Color - 3D colored photo wallpaper - Space Age Design, Bauhaus, Industrial Style, Nordic Look, Vintage Photo Wallpaper

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A 3d colored photo wallpaper looks extremely lively by nature

In the 60s, many people wanted to live like in a spaceship. Highlights like Sputnik satellites and the moon landing made the inhabitants of earth see space with new eyes. A broad mass of people suddenly felt attracted by the spirit of space travel. Colourful, flashy and trendy furnishings suddenly became the focus of attention. A spectacular style also crystallized in wall decorations. This was the hour of Space Age design. Plastic chairs or dining table lamps that looked like a red-hot rocket engine conquered the market. After this boom, it became quiet around the former style icons. But only for a short time. Because now the much acclaimed pieces of furniture as well as design elements from back then are celebrating their comeback. The classics are even more sophisticated, eccentric and eye-catching. The 3d coloured photo wallpaper is also considered a real highlight. This masterpiece fits not only to the already mentioned Space Age Design, but also to interior trends like Bauhaus, Industrial Style, Nordic Look or Vintage. We are talking about an all-rounder, which turns everyday room concepts upside down.

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6 Items

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The linear, plastic 3D optics catapults your own four walls into another galaxy

In large parts of today's everyday world, the 3d color photo wallpaper has arrived. The fascinating representations promise an individual and innovative wall design. At the same time, the motifs seem neither exaggerated nor overloaded. A clear trademark of the 3d colored photo wallpaper is the endlessly repeating pattern. A breathtaking eye-catcher is the wall covering in the style of the honeycomb pattern. The stylistically finely worked out template clearly gives the starting signal for a modern living feeling. The geometric shapes are underlaid with strong colours. Whether yellow, orange, brown or grey, show that you have the courage to change. In any case, this grandiose wall decoration will improve and beautify your living environment. Several product features also have a large share in it.

  • The sustainable product is completely free of plasticizers, solvents and harmful substances
  • Is considered particularly easy to clean because the surface is even washable
  • Features such as odorless, skin-friendly, anti-allergic and flame retardant make the bestseller a high-quality wall decoration
  • The installation of the Skaben non-woven wallpaper is done by non-woven wallpaper paste
  • A 1 roll covers about 8.925 m²

Suitable for all who are particularly afraid of a large wallpapering effort

Since there are no glass fibers in the material, you acquire a skin-friendly article. The carrier material consists of non-woven. The wallpaper is rounded off by a special surface coating. This ensures that the wall covering in everyday life takes no damage. A tear-resistant, robust as well as dimensionally stable texture makes the 3d colored photo wallpaper to a wallpaper-friendly wall decoration. When preparing to renovate the premises, you do not have to plan for any soaking time. This in turn reduces the amount of work and at the same time saves a lot of time.