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Since nomadic tribes in the steppes of Central Asia began many millennia ago to weave carpets against the winter cold in their living tents, a lot has happened: carpeting, as we know it today, was not created until the 1950s. Before the fully wall-to-wall textile floor covering came into fashion, people laid warming carpets loosely on parquet or stone floors. Even though carpeting was partially displaced by innovative floor coverings with a purist touch at the beginning of the new millennium, it is currently experiencing a revival. Anyone who spends a lot of time at home enjoys the soft, sound-absorbing and foot-warming benefits of modern carpets in their homely home: be inspired by the variety of colours, qualities and designs and find out what you should look out for when making your essential selection.

All Skaben carpets that you find here are dyed through and are therefore absolutely lightfast and chlorine bleach resistant. This gives you a carpet that is always perfect over the years and remains absolutely colourfast even in the most intense sunlight. If a mishap should happen to you, your child or your pet, you can undo it yourself with chlorine bleach (e.g. Domestos) and your carpet will look exactly as it did on the first day. Try this with a standard carpet (better not!).
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