Skaben non-woven wallpaper Stripe - stripe wallpaper

It's the little moments of happiness that sweeten the day

To be happy, it actually takes very little in life. A few beautiful hours, time with your loved ones and relaxed moments. In addition, a living environment in which you feel completely comfortable and can better express your personality. The aim of a stripe wallpaper is to make your own four walls always look good. A striped wallpaper definitely brings more color into the everyday gray. The modern make-up immediately puts you in a good mood and gives every floor plan a friendly touch. Whether wide block stripes or narrow lines, the motifs always show themselves from a new side. The noble style icons are accompanied by a soft colouring. Light colours such as white, cream and beige exercise discreet restraint and thus allow other design elements to take precedence. At the same time, the delicate elegance exudes an incredible amount of warmth. The striped design can be integrated vertically or horizontally into the ensemble. Thereby the interior design appears visually larger. Thus, striped wallpapers have the ability to give especially smaller rooms more width.

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With the tasteful picture cutouts you can design your sweet home diversified

A multi-colored stripe wallpaper is especially preferred for interior styles from bygone days. Basically, stripes have a very attractive effect. Viewers find the motifs soothing and appealing. Shades of pink and white create a positive mood. If you would rather refresh your energy level, then go for a striped wallpaper in red, yellow or orange. You can achieve more extravagance with a dark shade. Green and blue stand for relaxation and freshness. With us you can buy the trendsetter in many variations. First, we would like to give you some important information about the product on the way.

  • The all-rounder is water and steam resistant
  • Only the wall is pasted, in order to attach the style means
  • The carrier material of the wallpaper is made from the wood of sustainably managed forests
  • When wallpapering, you can work without any lugs and do not have to pay attention to any pattern
  • The wall decoration is considered suitable for allergy sufferers, free of harmful substances and flame retardant

Any doubts that the wallpaper does not fit in are absolutely unfounded

It is always worth thinking about a wallpaper with stripe pattern. After all, we are talking about an all-rounder that can give every living style that certain something. Thereby, the striped wallpaper adapts to the circumstances without a doubt. In addition, this wall covering never goes out of fashion. The stripe design is suitable as a perfect background in the living and dining room, hallway or bedroom. Even in public areas, this impressive bestseller sets accents. In the 60s and 70s, these eye-catchers were commonplace. But also in today's living environments, the wall decor makes a fabulous figure. If you don't like it quite so colourful, you'll prefer the simpler version. And if you have had enough of a creation, you can remove the covering from the wall and replace it with a new striped pattern.