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Profiles stainless steel - aluminium for screwing & self-adhesive

End profiles from Parkettkaiser are characterised above all by high quality and durability. They are available in various decors and colours. Have an important task to perform when laying new floor coverings

Floor profiles are not only a safe and exact rounding off, but also form an attractive optical finish. As an effective transition, they can enhance different heights on thresholds, steps and door frames. For the transition between two rooms, they blend seamlessly into the overall appearance of your floor.

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Brebo Angle profile A32 Alu Anodized Gold 120 cm
Only 37,20 m in stock!
Brebo Angle profile A32 Alu Anodized Gold 180 cm
Only 43,20 m in stock!
Brebo Angle profile A32 Alu Anodized Gold 90 cm
Only 6,30 m in stock!
Brebo Angle profile A30 Alu Anodized Black 180 cm
Only 12,60 m in stock!

23 Items

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End and transition profiles provide incentives.

Almost invisible, they can be laid in floor colour with adhesive or are quickly fixed with a few hand movements. Even larger differences in height can be overcome safely and permanently with screwable fitting profiles.

Solid profiles are also particularly hard-wearing and robust. Inox stainless steel profiles are particularly easy to clean and, just like the aluminium profiles, they are equipped with an additional protective layer.

The outstanding quality of the genuine solid aluminium or stainless steel profiles convinces our customers time and again. Regardless of whether you want to use a transition profile for the perfect transition between two rooms, whether you want to make it simple or intentionally striking. Thresholds and steps must be secured.

Floor profiles from Parkettkaiser are easy to install and remove and are a practical aid when laying the floor. For carpets, tiles, laminate, PVC vinyl or parquet you can create a harmonious look.

Buy floor profiles online at a reasonable price

More than almost any other manufacturer on the market, Brebo end profiles stand for first-class workmanship. High accuracy of fit and variety in design.

Silver and gold anodised aluminium gives the extra point in design and emphasises high-quality floors. Self-adhesive Inox stainless steel angle profiles safely take every edge.

All our end profiles are stable and secure. In addition, the solid baseboards are insensitive to moisture and can also be laid in damp rooms.

Floor profiles from Proline are partially height-adjustable and can be laid or glued/screwed in a floating manner using the click system. The adjustment profile bridges differences between different floor coverings (e.g. carpet and parquet) and offers perfect edge protection and trip-free transitions.

When it comes to safety, the angle profiles with extra rough surface are at the top of the list. They take the horror out of every stair edge and the surface offers additional anti-slip protection.

Screwable strips are easy and time-saving to install. They are attached with a few simple steps. All profiles are supplied by Parquetkaiser with accessories.

Thanks to a variety of designs and finishes, you will always find the right finish. Even hip colour trends are taken up. There are also so-called "Effect Standards" in our online shop, for example in the colours champagne, olive, black or brown. Gold and silver complement the diverse range.

Floor profiles and transition profiles from Parquetkaiser:

  • Made of solid stainless steel or aluminium
  • Suitable for tiles, parquet, carpet, PVC or laminate
  • Available in different lengths and designs
  • For gluing or screwing
  • Simple assembly and delivery including screws
  • For floor coverings, transitions, stairs, steps, corners and edges
  • Also available in hip trend colours and designs
  • Detailed advice and a personal offer
  • Order suitable floor coverings at the same time and have them delivered free of charge from 25m² upwards