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Would you like to visit the jungle

You are not one of those legendary country bumpkins, but instead have to fight your way through the urban jungle every day? Lines of cars passing by, screeching trams and dusty construction sites blocking your way time and again? Concrete-covered surfaces and heavily populated areas additionally rob you of the air you need to breathe? In such moments you would prefer to be in a completely different place. Far away from the noise of the big city and the crowded streets. Maybe venture into the wilderness, where fauna and flora are close enough to touch. Sounds unimaginable for the moment, but to avoid having to reach for the uncomfortable earplugs again, you should show permanent exposure the red card. Unfortunately, it is not possible for all of us to take several months off a year. Either the boss has something against it or the appropriate small change is not enough for it. But moping about it is no solution either. There is nevertheless the possibility in the own four walls on discovery journey to go. Wallpapers in jungle look create a piece of tropical idyll and at the same time create a free feeling. Due to this extraordinary ability, a photo wallpaper jungle in the home living scenery is particularly in demand.

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Bizarrely shaped tree giants and discreet plants provide an extraordinary ambience

With a little flair, you can combine the classic tropical feeling with modern interior design accents. If you don't just want to go for lush green palm leaves, opt for a motif with exotic animals. What would you say to proud flamingos strutting across the walls between filigree leaves? The impressive picture detail is additionally accompanied by a splendour of blossoms in delicate pink. The form of the representation clearly stimulates the imagination and you are welcome to lose yourself in daydreams. From the couch at home, you can then safely plunge into the wild adventure. Sounds somehow unreal, but the photo wallpaper jungle makes it possible in the end.

The wallpapers provide a good living environment and even give a lot of pleasure when wallpapering

The all-rounder is extremely user-friendly. An enormous advantage if the renovation should not take forever. With the photo wallpaper jungle the soaking time is omitted. In turn, the adhesive is applied directly to the wall. The sheets are applied to the already pre-painted surface. Quasi in the dry state and with the help of a wallpaper brush. Always start from the middle and press the wall covering to the upper edge. Repeat this method until all parts are joined together to form a wall pattern. If a later loosening of the photo wallpaper jungle is necessary, then the individual pieces can be easily removed again as a whole. In the next paragraph, we have summarized the most important features for you to the article.

  • The material has light- and abrasion-resistant properties
  • With the non-woven wallpaper it concerns a very hard-wearing variant which captivates, besides, by an easy application
  • You do not have to consider a soaking time
  • The material can bridge small cracks and unevenness in the plaster base
  • Thanks to a robust texture, the photo wallpaper jungle can be used without further ado in wet areas