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The legendary style icons are intentionally changing the world of living

Let's take a leap into the past century. Where traditional conventions were simply thrown overboard and new forms of expression in fashion, art as well as design revolutionized everyday life. Back to the birth of functional and purist aesthetics, so to speak. It was in this era that the vintage furnishing style really came into focus for the first time. Pieces of furniture that showed traces of a long life and yet never looked shabby played a special role as a matter of priority. The design of the home setting also aimed to ensure that the rooms always radiated an air of exclusivity. To this day, the vintage style of living is considered to be very much in demand. Many people create oases of well-being that are deliberately designed for timeless beauty and place decorative aspects centrally in the foreground. To actually witness this trend, certain stylistic elements must be present. With the non-woven wallpaper Vintage you capture the mood of departure of that time best. Even more, you miss the own four walls a very unusual touch.

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4 Items

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With the non-woven wallpaper Vintage you feel your way to appealing living styles

If the interior consists mainly of opulent chests of drawers, sideboards and display cabinets, then the non-woven wallpaper Vintage loosens up the entire ensemble impressively. The metal look is available in different colour combinations. Whether grey and black, brown and orange, grey and white or beige and blue, the wide selection allows architects as well as hobby home makers a variety of expression possibilities. The perfectly staged effects bring more movement into the room. Depending on the effect of the light, the metal fittings shown take on a different colour shimmer. The wall covering from the past reveals a contemporary and modern coloring, which even lends itself to other interesting floor plans. Detours to industrial style, Bauhaus, shabby chic or retro are just as allowed. The deceptively real imitation motif also carries luxurious and classic features. Even the equipment features cause admiration.

  • Thanks to the compacted mixture of cellulose and textile fibres, the article trumps with a high tear resistance
  • Soaking times are eliminated and thus contribute to a simple and quick renovation
  • Later removal of the wallpaper strips is possible by dry stripping
  • The all-rounder easily conceals minor irregularities in the substrate
  • A special surface coating repels moisture and protects the non-woven wallpaper Vintage from contamination

A wallpaper with symbolic power

Who says business premises always have to have white walls? Especially those who want to give a new look to dull, stale and pompous office floors should definitely consider trendy stylistic devices. With the non-woven wallpaper vintage, representative entrance zones, meeting rooms or lounges can be created without a doubt. They create localities where guests and customers would like to be received. At the same time, the non-woven wallpaper gives the impression that creative minds are resident under this roof. In terms of cleanability, the high-carat also proves great strength. With a damp cloth unsightly residues can be removed from the wallpaper. Legal regulations in the area of fire behaviour are also fulfilled. Since the material is only hardly inflammable, a suitability for public and commercial object is present.