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Laminate Sale by Parquetkaiser - Discover special offers at top prices

Take advantage of this opportunity and browse through our special items for laminate flooring. The assortment is varied. Our stocks are constantly being replenished; for this reason, you will always find remaining stock at particularly favourable prices in our sale area. We offer you only high quality products of first choice from various manufacturers. The sale enables you to obtain exclusive laminate flooring at top prices.

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Skaben Laminate Lofty 7 Oak Fiorano 1-plank wide plank
Only 459.068 m² in stock!
Meister Laminat LC 200 Esche 6175 3-Stab
Only 16.03 in stock!
Skaben Laminate Flexi Plus Oak Arles 1-plank wideplank
Only 31.965 m² in stock!
Wineo Laminat Wineo 300 Jalopy Feinstab
Only 10.04 m² in stock!