3-Strip ship floor parquet

Parquet ship's floor (3-strip) - a modern classic

Parquet can be laid in many different variations. In addition to the classic laying forms of mosaic, herringbone and country house style, parquet ship's flooring is enjoying increasing popularity. With a parquet floor as a ship's floor, you choose a timeless floor covering.

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Parquet ship's floors - living with nature

Parquet floors are characterised by their durability and high quality. Parquet flooring consists of 100 % wood and thus creates a pleasant room climate. Every floor gives a room a special ambience. With a wooden floor you create a warm one, homely atmosphere

Even after many years, parquet floors still impress with their noble appearance and timeless design. A parquet floor enhances every room.

Since parquet is available in such a wide variety of different woods, there is a suitable floor for every taste.

Where does the name parquet ship's floor come from?

The name parquet ship's flooring is derived from its characteristic appearance, which is adapted to the Planks of a sailing ship reminds. Three individual strips of the parquet are perfectly staggered and joined together in the traditional way, creating one plank each. This results in a pattern that is not to be confused with the planking of ships 3-strip parquet gives every room a special ambience and a homely flair paired with a wonderful cosiness.

Huge selection of woods and decors

The floors of the ship are available in a vast variety on different woods. Choose between classic Oak, beech or Maple. But you might also like Cherry or Walnut better? Of course we also have a large selection of softwoods such as Spruce, pine or perhaps Swiss stone pine on offer for you

Browse the online shop and be inspired. Among the many colours we offer a wide range of products, from white or very light to the somewhat more striking brown tones and on to dark and strong colours.

The right surface for every application

So that you can enjoy your parquet floor for a long time, 3-strip parquet ship's floors are available in various Refinements offered. Choose from the variants below according to your taste and needs:

- naturally oiled and therefore breathable

- naturally oiled and waxed - breathable with the extra protective layer

- sealed and therefore (almost) maintenance-free

The oiled parquet flooring is certainly the most natural wooden floor. Oiled parquet is therefore fundamentally different from sealed parquet. The wood structure is shown to its best advantage and it appears warmer and more homely. The oil protects the wood from dirt and penetrating water

The maintenance of oiled floors is relatively simple. Sweeping or vacuuming and occasionally wiping with a cap of wood soap in the water is sufficient. Minor damage and blemishes can simply be cleaned intensively or, in hard cases, sanded down locally and treated with parquet oil.

At sealed parquet the wood surface is coated with a UV oil or a special matt lacquer layer. The wood is therefore no longer open-pored and therefore almost maintenance-free. The lacquers are applied to the parquet floor in several layers; the more layers of lacquer, the more robust the parquet becomes. The finish can be matt or glossy and currently all floors in Central Europe are produced with a matt finish.

No matter which finish you ultimately decide on. With a parquet ship's floor you make a good choice in any case.

Laying single or multi-layer parquet, floating or glued

One distinguishes between Single-layer and multi-layer parquet. The single-layer parquet consists of solid wood. The multilayer parquet is composed of two or three layers; the top layer here also always consists of Solid wood is. One-layer and two-layer parquet is usually glued over the entire surface, but is hardly ever used today

Three-layer parquet can be laid either floating or glued. A post-treatment of three-layer parquet after laying is not necessary, therefore it is also called finished parquet. For all oiled and waxed floors we always recommend oiling or waxing after installation

The floor is free, as there is no furniture on it yet, so that the oiling can be done by a layman within a very short time. The floor may saturate with oil once again, the colours are fired up and you do not have to oil for a long time.

Also the 3-strip parquet floors are available for both floating Relocation as well as the fully bonded version suitable. The choice is yours! Thanks to the innovative click systems is the laying of parquet floors today quickly and easily done. The individual elements are permanently joined together without the use of adhesives. For additional sound insulation, a footfall sound insulation made of cork, natural rubber or PUM material is laid under the floating parquet.

Can be combined with underfloor heating

Thanks to modern production methods, all ship floors are ideal with Floor heating can be combined. They thus increase living comfort and help you to reduce heating costs. A wooden floor in combination with underfloor heating is always pleasantly warm and gives your home a special flair.