HARO Clean and Green cover for mop weasel

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clean & green cover for weasel width: 40cm

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HARO Accessories Clean and Green Cover for Wischwiesel - deep care with microfibres!

Floor surfaces in particular are subjected to daily stresses and strains that the surrounding wall or ceiling by no means have to bear. Besides pressure loads, microscopic dust, liquid and solid residues are among the aggressive reagents that constantly attack the material. Initially invisible, small micro-cracks and paint chips lead to fading of the paint surface, so that the degree of wear progresses steadily. Once the protective surface has been overcome, the inorganic or organic suspended particles can penetrate into deeper structures. To avoid this, care and cleaning of the floor surface is essential. For this purpose, branded products should be used which do not magnify microscopic damage. With the CLEAN AND GREEN cover for mopping diesel, the brand manufacturer HARO® ensures that all its floor creations remain long-lasting and robust.

The 40-centimetre wide cover for the Mop Diesel is made of microfibre and thus ensures gentle floor cleaning and care. Microfibre is a collective term for synthetic fibres whose fineness is less than one decitex. This material-technical unit of measurement refers to the length and density of the fibre. Taking weight into account, 10,000 meters of microfiber weigh less than one gram. This fundamentally avoids damage to the surface. In addition, the CLEAN AND GREEN cover has five times the absorbency of a comparable cotton cloth, so that moisture residues are completely absorbed. The result is a freshness cure and deep care for the floor covering, which now deserves to be called as good as new. A summary reads as follows:

  • Material: microfibre
  • washable cover
  • Wiping area 40 centimetres
Brand HARO
Manufacturer series name Clean and Green
Quality A1 sorting
Manufacturer article number HARO 407640
Manufacturer EAN HARO 4018427307714
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