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Flat wiper width: 40cm

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HARO Flat Mop - reliably cleaning room metre by room metre!

A flat mop is particularly suitable for cleaning large areas, where the professional needs to quickly and reliably work through room metres. The mop width is an essential factor, which is 40 centimetres for the flat mop from HARO®. While most mops do not specialise in any particular floor type, this flat mop advertises the application of HARO®'s CLEAN AND GREEN Parquet Cleaner NATURAL, which is particularly suitable for parquet floors.

In the product test, not only the width of the mop head will play an all-important role. The handle length is just as relevant as the material of the mop cover, the material properties or whether a telescopic rod was installed. According to the manufacturer's website, this device is the first choice and distributes the cleaning concentrate reliably on all natural floors. This includes open-pored stone floors made of slate, terracotta, marble or similar materials as well as cork floors and linoleum. The flat mop is foldable, so that the cleaning cloths can be placed firmly on the device via a bag. In addition to the cleaning result, every household will be especially pleased with the quick work with this device. Compared to commercially available models, the flat mop from HARO® has a very wide mop head. Whether in the hallway, living room or any other room of the house, cleaning the floor is a lot of fun.

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