HARO Impact Sound Insulation Underlay Silent Pro DS 3 mm

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Manufacturer: HARO Product type: Silent Pro DS Insulation underlay with a vapour barrier. Top walking comfort and acoustics with moisture protection. Series: Comfort-Line Further information: Suitable for installation over underfloor heating. Thermal resistance: 0.010 m² K/W SD > 100 m Vapour barrier integrated: yes Impact sound reduction: up to 19 dB Walking sound reduction: 29% Suitable for: Tiled floor, concrete floor, screed Weight: 2.8 kg / m² Length : 5.5 m Width: 1.00 m Thickness: 3 mm Package content / roll: 5.5 m²
More Information
HARO Insulation Underlay Silent Pro DS 3 mm Comfort-LineThis

acoustic mat was

specially developed for floating installation under parquet or laminate flooring.

Due to its high dead weight, this insulation mat achieves very good values in terms of footfall and impact sound reduction. The structure of the acoustic mat results in a "forest floor effect", which is easy on the spine and joints of the user. Due to its very low thermal resistance and integrated moisture barrier, this insulation mat can be laid well over underfloor heating systems carrying hot water

How is this insulation underlay constructed?

This permanently elastic acoustic insulation mat consists mainly of quartz sand and polyurethane binders. On one side of the insulation mat a fleece is laminated, on the other side a vapour barrier made of aluminium.

Is this acoustic mat environmentally friendly?

The acoustic mat is both harmless to health and environmentally friendly. The TÜV has tested it for harmful substances and declared it toxicologically safe. It is free of heavy metals, plasticizers, formaldehyde and asbestos. It is manufactured without CFCs, solvents or ozone-depleting substances. At the end of its useful life, this acoustic mat can be recycled or disposed of in household waste

Where can this acoustic mat be used?
This acoustic mat is suitable for installation:
  • on mineral subfloors, for example screed or concrete
  • over water-bearing floor heating systems
  • under laminate flooring that is laid as a floating installation
  • under solid wood parquet with floating installation
  • under finished parquet flooring with floating installation
Due to the integrated moisture barrier, this acoustic mat should not be installed on wooden floors. This moisture barrier prevents the wooden floor from releasing moisture. This poses the risk of mould growth on the wood.
How is the HARO Silent Pro DS Comfort-Line acoustic underlay installed?

Unroll the acoustic mat with the aluminium side facing upwards. Use a cutter knife to cut the strips conveniently and dust-free. Lay the strips butt to butt and tape the joints with aluminium adhesive tape to obtain a continuous moisture barrier.

Properties of HARO Silent Pro DS Comfort-Line insulation underlay at a glance
  • Brand: HARO
  • Series: Comfort-Line
  • Length: 5.50 m
  • Width: 1,00 m
  • Content of one roll: 5.50 m²
  • Thickness: 3 mm (+/- 0.15 mm)
  • Weight: 2,8 kg/m² (+/- 0,15 kg/m²)
  • Volume weight: 1.000 kg/m³
  • suitable for laying over a hot water underfloor heating system
  • Thermal resistance: 0.01 m²K/W
  • Room sound improvement: 29 % (+/- 2 %) Room sound improvement is the shifting of the sound produced by walking on the floor to a frequency that is more pleasant for human hearing.
  • Impact sound reduction: 19 dB (+/- 2 dB)
  • Permanent pressure stability: 15 t/m² (+/- 150 kPa)
  • Sd value: at least 100 m
Brand HARO
Manufacturer series name Comfort Line
Self-adhesive No
Underfloor heating Yes
Humidity resisstant Yes
Height (mm) 3,00
Thickness (mm) 3,00
Width (mm) 1.000,00
Length (mm) 5.500,00
Quality A1 sorting
Floor type suitability Laminate, Parquet
Suitability for underfloor heating ★★★★✩
Footfall noise reduction % 29
Impact sound insulation dB 19
Impact sound insulation ★★★★✩
Heat transmission resistance 0.010 m² K/W
Heat insulation ✩✩✩✩✩
Humidity (steam) barrier ★★★★★
Bump compensation ★★★★✩
Pressure stability – compression durability in t/m² 15 t/m²
Manufacturer article number HARO 411490
Manufacturer EAN HARO 4018427480196
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