HARO Silent Grip insulation carpet pad for vinyl and design floor coverings with click system

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Manufacturer: HARO Silent Grip high-quality acoustic underlay especially for floating installation of vinyl and design floor coverings with click system Series: Comfort-Line Further information: Suitable for installation over underfloor heating. Impact sound reduction (IS): 18 dB; 17.7 dB (under vinyl and design flooring) (+/- 2dB) Room sound improvement: 22%; 6% (under vinyl and design flooring) (+/-2 %) Fire behaviour: Bfl-S1 Thermal resistance: 0.010 m² K/W Compressive strength: 44 t/m² Weight: 1.5 kg/m² Thickness: 1.4 mm Length: 10.0 m Width: 1.00 m Package contents: 10 m²
More Information
HARO Silent Grip Comfort-Line insulation underlay ensures a quiet home
This acoustic mat, largely manufactured on an ecological basis, is optimised for use in floating installations of vinyl or design floorings with click system. The Comfort-Line series is one of the premium insulation underlays that meet even the highest demands for room and impact sound insulation.
When do you need an acoustic underlay?
When laying a floating floor covering, you should always use an acoustic underlay. Room sound is always generated by movements in the room. The portion of this room sound that is transmitted through walls or floors into other rooms or apartments is called impact sound. With floating installation, there is a layer of air between the floor covering and the subfloor. This acts as a resonance body for the impact sound and amplifies it. For this reason, impact sound insulation is absolutely essential for this type of installation. The manufacturer of this acoustic insulation underlay also recommends its use for all hard subfloors, regardless of the type of installation. In addition to impact sound insulation, this insulating underlay can compensate for small unevennesses in the subfloor. It also increases the elasticity of the floor. With floating installation, another advantage is that direct contact between the floor covering and the subfloor - in most cases screed of one kind or another - is avoided. This increases the life of the flooring. The additional resilience of the floor achieved in this way also benefits your joints and feet, as well as your spine. For which floors is this acoustic insulating underlay suitable?
This acoustic mat is optimised for use under the following floors:
  • Vinyl flooring with support plate and click connection
  • Vinyl flooring made of solid vinyl with click connection
  • Design floor with carrier plate and click connection
  • Design floor made of solid vinyl with click connection
Structure of HARO Silent Grip Comfort-Line insulation underlay
The permanently elastic underlay mat consists of mineral fillers and polyurethane binders. The Silent Grip insulation underlay is composed of a laminated, special foil fleece backing, an ageing-resistant heavy layer made of polyurethane and the grip surface made of slip-resistant, natural, without adhesive additives.
The product is environmentally friendly
As this acoustic mat is physiologically and ecologically harmless, no special occupational health and safety measures are required when using it. At the end of its useful life, it can be recycled or disposed of in household waste. This insulating underlay does not contain plasticizers, formaldehyde, asbestos or halogens, nor heavy metals. The "Blue Angel" label gives you the assurance that this product is low in emissions.
HARO Silent Grip Comfort-Line insulation underlay properties at a glance
  • Manufacturer HARO
  • Product series: Comfort-Line
  • Dimensions of the insulation underlay: 10 m x 1 m, this corresponds to an area of 10 m²
  • Thickness of the insulation underlay: 1.4 mm
  • Weight per unit area of the acoustic mat: 1.5 kg/m²
  • Compressive strength of the mat: up to 44 t/m²
  • suitable for laying on water-bearing underfloor heating systems
  • Thermal resistance: 0.01 m²K/W
  • Walking sound improvement: 22
  • Impact sound insulation: 18 dB
  • can also be installed on wooden subfloors
Brand HARO
Manufacturer series name Comfort Line
Self-adhesive No
Underfloor heating Yes
Humidity resisstant No
Height (mm) 1,40
Thickness (mm) 1,40
Width (mm) 1.000,00
Length (mm) 10.000,00
Quality A1 sorting
Floor type suitability Vinyl floor for clicking, Design floor for clicking
Suitability for underfloor heating ★★★★✩
Impact sound insulation dB 18
Impact sound insulation ★★★★✩
Heat transmission resistance 0.010 m² K/W
Heat insulation ✩✩✩✩✩
Humidity (steam) barrier ✩✩✩✩✩
Bump compensation ★★✩✩✩
Pressure stability – compression durability in t/m² 40 to²
Manufacturer article number HARO 411491
Manufacturer EAN HARO 4018427480226
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