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Laminate flooring – good price and deceptively real look. Laminate is one of the best-selling and the most popular kinds of flooring at all. Laminate wins over thank to its overload immunity and long service life. Laminate is one of the cheapest kinds of flooring to buy, but it still can convince with a very high quality and durability. Laminate flooring is also considered to be particularly robust and easy to care for, which makes it ideal for households with children, allergy sufferers or pets. Laminate flooring is always in high demand and because of its popularity it has many different designs. Whether real wood look, tile-, cork-, natural stone look or multi-colored, there is something for every taste. With its versatility and its exceptional high-quality look laminate flooring goes with almost every design and creates a very special room climate. Laminate flooring consists of different layers of thermosetting plastics, which are attached directly to HDF carrier- or wood chipboard and bonded. These layers are divided into overlay, decor layer, underlayer, carrier board, counteracting and, if applicable, an additional sound insulation. Laminate is manufactured in a complicated patented method. Sheets of pressed paper are impregnated with special resin and then pressed again. Different layers combined with the decor layer in the middle create a visually diverse high-quality flooring with different designs.

Thank to its low construction height, laminate is particularly suitable for renovating and modernization of various living spaces. More than that, laminate flooring can be easily laid by floating on almost every kind of surface, even if you are not a professional craftsman. Individual elements of the laminate flooring are to connect together by means of special click-in connection without any glue. For optimal insulation and impact sound reducing can be laid an additional underlayer. For those who want to save a laying step, there is the laminate flooring with integrated sound protection. More than that, laminate is no longer flooring for moisture-free areas like living room or nursery only. Now there is also laminate flooring for high-humidity rooms such as bathroom. For a long time laminate was considered to be not suitable or not advantageous kind of flooring for laying on underfloor heating, because its thermal characteristics were not so good as its sound insulation in comparison with the other kinds of flooring. But now it became possible to combine the both characteristics. It is important to make sure, that the laminate you chose is provided for use with underfloor heating. It should be also noted, that the laminate and underlayer thermal resistance is not high (max. 0,15 sq.m K/W). The lower the value, the higher the heat you can achieve.

Laminate flooring is easy-clean and easy-care. If there is dirt or dust, it can be easily wiped with a slightly damp cloth. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind, that laminate flooring in spite of its robust features is not indestructible. If your laminate flooring is not designed for high-humidity rooms, standing water should be removed and wiped off immediately. Otherwise, moisture can penetrate the laminate surface and cause swelling of the carrier board. This way can appear bumps and waves, which are impossible to remove. You should also take care of laminate when moving heavy objects, because scratches and small quirks can arise. For this purpose, manufacturers offer special care products and repair kits, which help to return your laminate flooring its former glory.

Laminate as well as many other kinds of flooring is offered in different usage classes, depending on the planned use and its intensity. The loading level of so-called wear layer is classified by the usage classes. Depending on prospective use of laminate flooring, the usage classes 21/22/23 are recommended for domestic area and 31/32/33 - for commercial one. The second number here is responsible for the intensity of use, "1" - for low usage degree, "2" - for medium and "3"- for high usage degree.

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