LC 100 laminate cutter for laying laminate up to 8 mm thick

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LC 100 Laminate cutter for easy installation of laminate up to 8 mm thick and 210 mm wide

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LC 100 Laminate cutter for laying of laminate up to 8 mm thickness

The manually operated laminate cutter from Wolfcraft® is the right tool for the rapid laying of laminate. With the sturdy blade, laminate floorboards up to 8 mm thick and 21 cm wide can be cut precisely to size. The cutter is ready for immediate use without a cable. The handling is self-explanatory. Therefore the LC 100 Laminate Cutter is also suitable for inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. For use in the private sector, the manufacturer gives a ten-year warranty period, which begins with the date of purchase. The high quality of the laminate cutter is reflected in the reliable, sharp blade, which leaves a clean cut edge on the floorboards. This allows easy installation work to be carried out in no time at all, whether the hallway is being redesigned or the living room. The cuts can be made with a secure grip and without a lot of dust. In addition, the practical hand tool convinces with its low-noise function.

Cutting laminate with the LC 100 from Wolfcraft®

For floating installation, only the edge pieces of the laminate need to be cut. The LC 100 laminate cutter is the ideal tool for this. It allows straight cuts at a 90-degree angle to be made without much effort. In this way, the laminate floorboards fit perfectly into the intended position. The blade has a special geometry for quick and reliable cutting. This makes it easier to push the lever down. This is very important for the clean edge of the laminate. The positive features of the cutter can be summarized in a few key points:

  • Simple cutting due to the sophisticated blade geometry,
  • suitable for 90 degree cuts with stop,
  • cuts laminate up to a thickness of 8 mm and a width of 21 cm
  • safe stand due to feet with anti-slip protection.
Practical tips for using the laminate cutter

The wear-free cutting blade has a special shape that makes sharpening unnecessary. Before use, tighten the connection on the blade holder so that the blade can still be opened and closed. The resistance must not be too high. After folding up the cutting blade, the laminate is placed against the stop so that the cutting angle is 90 degrees. It is a good idea to line the long end of the board so that it lies horizontally. With the handle, the blade can be moved down with even pressure. In this way it produces a clean cut. The result is a perfectly trimmed laminate plank. When floating installation, the remaining piece of the previous row forms the beginning of the next row of planks. This results in only a small amount of waste. In addition, this procedure saves you an unnecessary number of cuts.

Brand Wolfcraft
Manufacturer warranty in years 10 years
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Manufacturer article number Wolfcraft 6933000
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