Matching Skirting board 6 cm high Oak Old Grey FOEI865 240 cm

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Manufacturer: Brebo skirting board Series: 58/19 Construction: MDF skirting board, sheathed Decor: oak gray old FOEI865 Length: 2.4 m Thickness/Height: 58 mm Width: 19 mm Packaging unit: 1 piece / 2.4 linear meters

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The right skirting board for your parquet floor

Choosing the right skirting board can make all the difference in the look of your parquet floor. With the right skirting board, you can perfectly showcase your floor while hiding unevenness and unsightly transitions to the wall covering.

Brebo skirting 58/19 - High quality and noble design

Brebo skirting 58/19 is an MDF skirting sheathed in a robust and durable decor in old oak gray FOEI865. It is 240 cm long, 58 mm high and 19 mm wide. With a packaging unit of 1 piece or 2.4 linear meters, it is easy to handle and install.

Why you should choose Brebo skirting 58/19
  • Robust and durable MDF skirting board
  • Noble and modern decor in old oak gray FOEI865
  • Easy handling and installation
  • Perfect fit for your parquet floor
  • Conceals unevenness and unsightly transitions to the wall covering
Combine functionality and aesthetics

Brebo skirting 58/19 is not only functional, but also adds an aesthetic touch to your parquet floor. The modern design in gray oak old FOEI865 perfectly fits into any interior style and gives your room a timeless look.


Brebo skirting 58/19 is the perfect complement for your parquet floor. Not only is it functional, but it will blend seamlessly into your room design and give your floor a sophisticated look. Don't wait any longer and order today!

Brand Brebo
Manufacturer series name 58/19
Type of wood or style / pattern Oak
Decor - wood pattern Oak gray old FOEI865
Color World Beige brown & Friendly
Construction MDF strip, sheathed
Self-adhesive No
Height (mm) 58,00
Width (mm) 19,00
Length (mm) 2.400,00
Cable management Yes
Quality A1 sorting
Manufacturer EAN Brebo 4056004092868
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Deliverty time
2-3 Tage