Parquet range

Parquet - A Natural Elegance for Every Room

Parquet is characterized by its high quality and special durability. Parquet is a natural product and consists of 100% pure wood. The noble appearance not only creates a pleasant room climate but also enhances any room and gives it a very special elegance due to its timeless appearance. The pleasant feeling underfoot is also an important aspect for many customers. A great advantage is the easy maintenance of a parquet floor as well as the simple sanding of coarser signs of wear. This makes your parquet floor a long-lasting companion in your home.

Parquet flooring is divided into single-layer and multi-layer parquet. The single-layer parquet consists of solid wood, while the multi-layer parquet is composed of two or three layers, the upper material here is also always made of solid wood. Single-layer or solid parquet is either glued over the entire surface or nailed to a wooden substructure and is usually untreated during installation, which gives it a special robustness that lasts a lifetime, so to speak. The parquet is usually finally refined after installation by oiling, varnishing or waxing. Since the parquet is made of solid wood, the wear layer can be sanded down to the tongue and groove at will and can be renewed and worn out again and again. Thus, the single-layer parquet belongs to the most expensive variant, as it is intended for a longer period of time. The two-layer parquet is glued over the entire surface and is particularly suitable for underfloor heating and for optimizing the impact sound. This variant, compared to the three-layer parquet is not only cheaper but also easier to lay. Multi-layer parquet, on the other hand, can be laid as a floating floor or glued down over the entire surface. Due to the special click connection, the individual elements are only clicked together without additional glue. In the case of floating installation, additional impact sound insulation, e.g. cork, can be applied under the parquet to further optimize impact sound. Two-layer and three-layer parquet do not need to be refinished after installation, so they are also called finished parquet.

Parquet has a variety of wood types and meets almost every taste, whether plank (1-strip), 2-strip or 3-strip -shipboard, multi-strip, fineline or herringbone, there is something for every design. The most popular formats and our sales classics in the finished parquet are the country house floorboard and the ship's floor. The wide plank consists of a continuous strip element that is available either with two-sided, four-sided or without bevel. A bevel is a joint that is either surrounding or on two sides of the parquet. This visually emphasizes the individual planks. In the case of the ship's floor, the surface consists of two or three rod elements, which lie next to each other on the plank. Furthermore, there is the Fineline parquet, which stands out due to its "fine" rods. As well as the Multistab, which also has more than 3 rods on a plank in different variations. Last but not least, the herringbone parquet can be chosen, in this form the parquet is laid rod by rod and glued directly. Due to the different sorting, each plank gets its own touch.

For the surface treatment can be chosen from natural oiled/waxed, lacquered or untreated parquet . Naturally oiled/waxed parquet impresses with its natural look. Advantages of natural oiled/waxed parquet are that the pores are not closed here and the parquet can work freely, unlike a sealed (lacquered) parquet. Also to be emphasized is that in the case of minor wear and tear, the entire floor does not have to be sanded and renewed. The affected area can be quickly and easily sanded and treated with natural oil. Since the floor is not sealed but impregnated, it is more susceptible to dirt and moisture and should be re-oiled/waxed at least every two years after a basic cleaning of the parquet. With lacquered parquet , on the other hand, the surface is sealed and the pores are closed. The lacquered surface thus serves as a protective layer and effectively protects the floor from dirt and moisture. Minor wear and tear, on the other hand, can not simply be removed, in this case the entire parquet surface must be sanded and re-varnished. Depending on your preference, you can choose between matte, semi-matte or glossy for the look. You can choose your personal favorite easily and conveniently at Parkettkaiser.

In our manufacturer portfolio you will find the most popular parquet suppliers such as Hain, Haro, Parador, Wicanders, Meister, Tarkett, Kaindl, Tarkett and many more.
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Laminate - the inexpensive one with a deceptively real look

Laminate is one of the most bought and most popular floor coverings at all. Laminate impresses above all with its high load-bearing capacity and long service life. Although laminate is one of the cheaper floor coverings to buy, it can still impress with its very high quality and durability. In addition, laminate is considered particularly robust and easy to clean, which makes it ideal for households with children, allergy sufferers or animals. Due to the high demand and popularity of laminate, it is available in many different designs. Whether in real wood look, tile, cork, natural stone or multi-colored, there is something for every taste. With its versatility and particularly high-quality appearance, laminate matches almost any design, giving it a very special room ambience. Laminate consists of different Duro plastic layers, which are directly attached and glued to HDF carrier or clamping plates. These layers are subdivided into top layer, decorative paper, carpet pad, carrier board, backing and, if necessary, an additional impact sound insulation. Laminate is manufactured in a complex and patented method. For this purpose, pressed sheets of paper are impregnated with special resin and pressed again. The different layers combined with the decorative layer in the middle, results in a visually diverse and high-quality flooring with different designs.

Due to its low installation height,laminate is particularly suitable for renovating and modernizing various living spaces. In addition, laminate is very easy to lay floating, even by amateur craftsmen, on almost any subfloor. Due to the special click connection, the individual elements are only clicked together without any adhesive. In addition, an underlay can be laid for optimum insulation and reduced impact sound. For those who would like to save a step during installation, laminate is already available with integrated impact sound insulation. In addition, laminate is no longer available only for moisture-free rooms such as living rooms or children's rooms. Laminate is also available for damp rooms such as the bathroom. For a long time, laying laminate on underfloor heating was not considered optimal or advantageous, since laminate could never provide similarly good thermal properties as other floor coverings due to its good insulation. Nevertheless, nowadays it is possible to combine both. The important thing here is to make sure that the selected laminate is designed for underfloor heating. It is also important to ensure that the thermal resistance of the laminate and the sub-layer is not too high (max. 0.15 qmK/W). The lower the value, the higher the heat to be achieved.

Laminate is very unproblematic in maintenance and cleaning. Dirt or dust can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. Nevertheless, it should be noted that laminate is not indestructible, despite its robust properties. Standing water, unless the laminate flooring is designed for damp rooms, should be removed and wiped away immediately. Otherwise, moisture can penetrate and cause the backing boards to swell. This results in dents and waves that can no longer be removed. Likewise, care should be taken that moving heavy objects or the like can cause scratches and small dents. For this purpose, however, manufacturers offer special care products and repair kits that will immediately restore your laminate floor to its former glory.

Like many other floor coverings,laminate is divided and offered in different use classes, depending on the planned use and stress. The degree of use of the so-called wear layer is classified by the use classes. Depending on the use of the laminate, the use classes 21/22/23 are recommended for private use and 31/32/33 for commercial use. Here, the second digit stands for the intensity of use, "1" for low, "2" for medium and "3" for high use.

In our manufacturer portfolio you will find the most popular vinyl and design flooring suppliers such as Kaindl, Haro, Wineo, Parador, Classen, Meister, Tarkett and many more.
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Vinyl - the authentic alternative

Vinyl is an extremely popular floor that is particularly appealing due to its versatile appearance, as well as numerous designs and high-quality properties. Vinyl is not only robust and scratch-resistant, but also easy to clean and insensitive to moisture. That is why vinyl is often installed in damp rooms. Compared to laminate or tiles, for example, vinyl is also extremely warm to the feet and has additional sound-absorbing properties. As a material composition, it must be noted that vinyl is not a natural product, but consists of plastic. This plastic is called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Since this plastic is extremely hard, among other things, small amounts of plasticizers are processed in the floor. Nevertheless, vinyl, through strict controls, is no longer as previously assumed harmful to health, but is subject to uniform standards. With the Design no borders are set with the Vinyl . Almost any tone and pattern is possible, whether tiles, parquet, granite or natural stone look, the imagination has no limits. Even two-sided or four-sided bevels are possible here. A bevel is a joint that is either surrounding or on two sides of the individual panels, for example, with bar patterns. This creates a 3D look. Through the innovative printing and embossing technology, the individual designs are printed on the surface of the individual carrier plates and can therefore also be individually designed. This makes the vinyl floor a popular product, both in the private sector and in the commercial sector, which despite its comparatively low price still looks very high quality and elegant.

Vinyl can be laid floating, as well as glued over the entire surface. The adhesive vinyl is particularly suitable for wet rooms. Here, the individual panels are glued to the substrate over the entire surface, e.g. with our Forbo eurocol 643 Eurostar Fibre vinyl adhesive. It is essential to ensure that the subfloor is free of unevenness or dirt. In the case of a floating installation, an underlayment is also laid for optimum impact sound protection, with a moisture barrier if necessary. Vinyl isavailable in various thicknesses as solid vinyl or with HDF core board.The solid vinyl with 2-4 mm is glued over the entire surface, from 4-6 mm the solid vinyl is also available for clicking for floating installation. Due to the special click connection, the individual elements are only clicked together here, making installation easy even for amateur craftsmen.Also a popular variant is the clickvinyl with an integrated HDF carrier plate, which has a thickness of 9-12 mm. The carrier plate provides additional impact sound insulation, which means that no further underlayment is required (this does not include the moisture barrier). However, it should be noted that the HDF material can swell in the presence of moisture and therefore should not be installed in damp rooms.

Vinyl flooring also includes design flooring. This combines the positive properties of the popular vinyl flooring with the highest requirements for ecology and healthy living .Developed for particularly sensitive minds, the design floor is completely PVC and plasticizer free .For the highest demands of our ecologically conscious customers. In addition, thedesign floor, due to its strong real wood character, gives every room a very special touch . In the planned use ,vinyl and design floors are divided into different use classes .These classify the degree of stress on the surface, the so-called wear layer. Depending on the load, the usage classes 21/22/23 are recommended for private use and 31/32/33 for commercial use. Here, the second digit stands for the intensity of use, "1" for low, "2" for medium and "3" for high use.

Our manufacturer portfolio includes the most popular vinyl and design flooring supplierssuch as Kaindl, Haro, Wineo, Parador, Classen, Meister, Tarkett and many more.Difficulty deciding on the right design? No problem! At Parkettkaiser you can order up to 3 samples free of charge and have them sent to you at any time.

Cork flooring - A piece of nature for your home

Cork flooring , although rather exotic, is the ideal choice for many customers. Cork is made from 100% natural raw materials and is also sustainable and healthy. Made from the renewable bark of the cork oak, this is a raw material where the tree does not have to be felled. Cork is harvested by hand and has reached its full maturity after about 25 years. To preserve natural resources and protect the ecology, cork is the 1st choice. Nevertheless, the individual look does not have to be renounced. Through innovative printing technology, almost any design can be realized. Cork flooring also has many other positive properties, such as perfect impact sound insulation and ideal walking comfort. In addition, cork is extremely warm to the feet and creates a pleasant walking sensation, which additionally relieves the joints due to the elasticity of the floor. The natural thermal insulation of cork creates an optimal indoor climate, which permanently reduces energy costs. Cork is also ideal for underfloor heating. Due to the additional surface sealing, cork is very easy to clean and is thus perfectly protected against dirt and dust. All these positive properties, as well as the excellent quality and high-quality workmanship make cork a long-lasting companion in every household.

Cork floors are available in different variants. A distinction is made between solid cork (cork tile), prefabricated cork parquet, cork mosaic. Cork granules are the basis for cork tiles and prefabricated cork parquet, which is mixed by various methods using binders (polyurethane resins, phenolic resins) and then pressed. A short airing time in the production process with polyurethane resin ensures a final product that is harmless to health. The single-layer pressed cork tiles are glued to the subfloor over their entire surface. The prefabricated cork parquet consists of several layers. The layers consist of cork as the top layer and HDF or MDF as the middle layer. For effortless floating installation, these boards have a special click connection, which does not need to be glued to the subfloor. Cork mosaic , on the other hand, does not consist of granules cast in the form, here it is solid pieces of cork. Prefabricated on a carrier plate, this is then glued to the subfloor over the entire surface. This makes the cork mosaic also suitable for wet rooms and outdoor facilities.

Cork floors are very easy and unproblematic to install, similar to laminate or vinyl. The cork can be completely glued to the subfloor or laid as a floating floor. For this purpose, the individual boards are clicked together without adhesive by means of special click connections.

There are no limits to the surface designs. The conventional cork look is no longer the only design option. Innovative printing techniques are used to enhance the cork floor as desired. Whether wood look or in many different colors, there is something for every taste.

Our manufacturer portfolio includes the most popular cork flooring suppliers such as Wicanders, Haro, Egger, Meister and many more.
Difficulties deciding on the right design? No problem! At Parkettkaiser you can order up to 3 samples free of charge and have them sent to you at any time.

Underlays - The right thing for underneath

Parkettkaiser offers a variety of selected and well-known manufacturers for underlay webs. Whether as insulation for footfall sound or to protect against moisture in a new building, in our range you will find the right underlay for every application. In order to lay a floor covering such as parquet, laminate or vinyl in a professional floating manner, suitable underlays with different properties are required. In the case of mineral substrates that still have a residual moisture content of + 2.0%, moisture protection is absolutely essential, as otherwise moisture will be absorbed into the floor covering and damage it. This can either be integrated into the underlay or laid separately as a foil. However, underlays do not only serve as moisture protection, but also a reduced walking noise/impact sound or good thermal insulation is very important to many customers. In larger rooms or to reduce the noise level in lower rooms, underlays are laid with a sound/impact sound insulation. Optimal for this purpose are underlays that have an approximate value of 19 -22 dB (decibels). Another feature of underlays that should be emphasized is their good thermal insulation. It is important to note that the lower the thermal resistance, the better the thermal insulation. A value of 0.001 m2K/W is considered ideal. But even those who have installed underfloor heating at home need not do without a good underlayment . Especially for hot water underfloor heating, there are underlays that perfectly transfer heat to the floor surface.

Laying underlayment memb ranes is child's play and can even be mastered by amateur craftsmen without any problems. Underlays are available in various designs. On the one hand, as a film on a roll, insulation underlays as sheets or as a self-adhesive variant. In the case of non-self-adhesive underlays , aluminum joint sealing tape is required to join the individual sheets or the roll blanks together. In the case of the sheets, these are laid butt to butt and joined together with the aluminum joint sealing tape. The same applies to the underlay webs on rolls, which are, however, glued with an overlap of approx. 1 cm. Cutting to size can be done quite easily with a cutter knife. It is important here to make sure that any moisture protection is also fixed under the skirting boards. When laying wooden floor on wooden floor, no underlay with integrated moisture protection may be laid between the floor coverings, as otherwise the lower wooden layer may become damp. However, when laying parquet/laminate/vinyl on tiles, moisture protection must be used, as tiles are a mineral substrate. Also, it must be noted that not every underlayment will fit every flooring. Caution is required with vinyl floors, here the underlay must have a pressure resistance of up to 30t/m2.

In our manufacturer portfolio you will find the most popular underlay manufacturers such as Haro, Ewifoam, Wineo or Parador.
Difficulties deciding on the right design? No problem! At Parkettkaiser you can order up to 3 samples free of charge and have them sent to you at any time.

Skirting board - The stylish finish

Skirting boards are the ideal choice for the perfect transition between floor and wall. The right skirting board will enhance any room and give it a unique atmosphere. Here, there are no limits to creativity for color and shape, and almost any design is possible. Whether you prefer skirting boards in matching décor to the flooring, elegant monochrome in simple