WPC Decking Hollow, Smart and Solid

WPC terrace boards

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composites. This means a mixture of wood and plastic. This material combines the best of two worlds - wood and plastic. Due to its numerous advantages, WPC decking boards have become more and more popular in recent years. These planks consist of wood flour, plastic and additives. The wood flour content is between 50 % and 90 %. This makes this material a bio-material.

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The advantages of this decking board

  • The planks are available in many colours. So everyone can find a model to suit his or her own ideas.
  • This decking board is extremely durable. Some manufacturers speak of a life span of up to 25 years.
  • They are robust and very resistant.
  • WPC planks are easy to maintain.
  • The planks are resistant to water and moisture.
  • Another advantage is the high UV and colour fastness of these boards.
  • The surface of the planks is splinter and crack free. This is particularly noticeable when walking barefoot.
  • The planks are non-slip.
  • They are insensitive to chlorinated water. This makes them particularly suitable for edging a pool.
  • The material is resistant to algae, fungi and insects.
  • For the production of these planks, mainly recyclable materials are used. In concrete terms this means that the wood flour comes from sustainable forestry and the plastic is recycled material.

The different types of WPC decking boards

A distinction is made between solid planks and planks with hollow chambers. The edges of the solid planks can be cut to any shape. They are also very strong, but heavier than models with hollow chambers. The planks with hollow chambers are not as stable and load-bearing, but are much lighter. This is a great advantage when laying out a roof terrace, for example. They are also cheaper to buy, as less material is needed to make them. However, cover strips should be used on their outer edges. The hollow chamber planks are available with round or square hollow chambers. Round hollow chambers offer a slightly higher stability.

The surface of the planks can be smooth, grained or grooved. Today's planks - so-called 2nd generation planks - are provided with a plastic coating. This makes them more scratch-resistant and easier to clean. They are also less sensitive to wind and weather.

You should pay attention to this when buying the planks

  • For hollow core planks, the wall thickness of the hollow core should be as large as possible. This makes the boards more stable.
  • The sheathing should cover the entire plank.
  • The planks should have good bending properties. As a lower limit you can consider the EU standard EN 15534 with 17 MPa.
  • The impact resistance should also be as high as possible so that not every bottle that falls down will damage the floorboards.
  • Another important value for assessing quality is the water absorption rate. Here, the lower the value, the better. The EU standard is 7%. The less water or moisture penetrates the plank, the lower the risk of rotting or mould formation.

How much do these decking boards cost?

With these decking boards, there are costs for the boards themselves, for fixing material and for the substructure. The planks themselves cost between 45 euros per square metre and 85 euros per square metre. For the additional costs, you can add another 25% of the price of the planks. This results in a price per square metre for the terrace of approximately 46 euros to 106 euros. If you don't want to lay the terrace yourself, you will have to add the labour costs for laying it. This may not be cheap, but you can enjoy such a terrace for many years to come.

How to maintain the terrace properly

For care, water and a cloth are usually sufficient. However, you must not use any detergents containing solvents. This would attack the material. If grease residues or other stains cannot be removed this way, you can use a high-pressure cleaner. 80 bar pressure is completely sufficient. You should keep a distance of at least 20 cm from the decking boards.

As a rule, one thorough cleaning of the terrace per year is sufficient. This is best done in spring. You do not need to repaint or oil these decking boards.

Buy these decking boards at Parkettkaiser

In our online shop you will find an interesting selection of these decking boards from different manufacturers. For a better overview, you can use filters to narrow down your search with regard to colour, plank length, manufacturer and the desired price range. There is a detailed product description for each type of decking board offered. This naturally includes meaningful pictures of the decking boards. If these are not sufficient for a decision for or against a certain type of decking, you can request a free sample. If you want to lay the decking planks yourself, you will find laying instructions in the shop and in the product description. These instructions not only apply to the decking boards themselves, but also to the required substructure. Of course, you will find all the necessary materials in the online shop. If the desired decking board is available in the shop, the delivery time is only between five and seven working days.