Classen Design floor NEO 2.0 XXL

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NEO 2.0 XXL: Large-capacity floorboards with a lot of comfort

The well-known German flooring manufacturer Classen produces the design flooring collection NEO 2.0 XXL, which is available in various oak wood decors. The floor is suitable for use in damp rooms and is particularly hard-wearing and robust. In the XXL version, large country house floorboards are available, which visually enrich your rooms and set accents.

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Things to know about the Classen NEO 2.0 XXL design floor:
  • Modern design floor covering for private and commercial use
  • Format: XXL plank
  • Water repellent properties
  • Robust and scratch-resistant
  • Available in authentic wood and stone decors
  • 100% recyclable
  • Soundproofing and warm to the feet
  • PVC-free, chlorine-free and free of plasticizers
  • Awarded with the Blue Angel
Functional design floor also for damp rooms

If a floor covering is to be used in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, it must have special qualities. Classen has developed the NEO 2.0 design floor, which is suitable for use in damp rooms thanks to its water-repellent properties. This applies not only to private premises, but also to commercial properties. Thanks to the patented Pentatec technology, the large-capacity floorboards in the XXL version are very resistant and hard-wearing. The soft-touch surfaces also make the design floor very pleasant to the touch and warm to the feet.

XXL planks become a special eye-catcher

The special feature of the XXL version of the NEO 2.0 design floor is the size of the planks: Available as a wide plank, the floor becomes a highlight especially in generously dimensioned rooms. There is a choice of different wood and stone decors, which are based on their natural models in every detail. At first glance it is not apparent whether it is real wood or real stone or whether it is a successful replica instead. Numerous furnishing styles can be complemented in this way: Attractive room images and cosy atmospheres are created almost by themselves with the NEO 2.0 floor in XXL design.

Healthy floor without PVC and plasticizers

The NEO 2.0 floor covering from Classen also scores high in terms of environmental friendliness: In the production of XXL planks, the use of PVC or plasticizers is completely avoided. The design floor is therefore also ideal for allergy sufferers, as it is also very hygienic. All materials are 100% recyclable. Laying is child's play with the Megaloc system, even for laymen, and without any adhesives or additional installation aids.