Classen Laminate Visiogrande Autentico

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Impressive laminate tile Visiogrande Autentico

Authentic tile decors in perfect detail look particularly impressive with this attractive floor covering. The design in combination with the structured surface appears deceptively real. Even on closer inspection, it is not noticeable that this floor covering is not a tiled floor, but a high-quality laminate. But the optical properties are not the only thing that makes this floor covering special. It also has many advantages in terms of quality. It is also easy to install and easy to clean.

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Impressive selection of different designs

There is a large variety of different decors for this floor covering. These range from a simple concrete look to various types of stone and granite. Therefore, for each room, exactly the floor covering that fits best from a visual point of view can be found. The decors are also available to match different furnishing styles. Therefore, every interested party should get an overview of the wide range of options available.

Laminate tiles of the highest quality

Since the floor is one of the most stressed room elements, it should always be of high quality. The quality of the Visiogrande Autentico laminate tile is particularly high. This floor covering achieves the high service class 32, which means that it achieves the highest class when used in private rooms. However, it can also be used in commercial and industrial applications. There it is suitable for all floors with normal use. The reason for this high service class is the good abrasion resistance. Even when frequently stepped on, there is virtually no wear and tear.

Easy to lay laminate tiles

To be able to lay this floor covering, the subfloor should be as even and clean as possible. A vapour barrier should first be laid on a subfloor consisting of screed. This protects the carrier plate of the laminate from penetrating moisture. No vapour barrier is required when laying on a wooden floor.

The tiles are equipped with a click connection called megaloc. This is an interlocking device that can be easily connected but is bombproof. This modern system is self-explanatory so that every do-it-yourselfer is able to lay the tiles. Naturally, each floor comes with installation instructions that describe the installation process in detail. There is no fixing to the substrate. Therefore, the floor covering can be easily picked up again if you move or if it is needed in another room.

Cleaning without great effort

A vacuum cleaner is almost always sufficient to remove impurities. The nature of the surface does not allow dirt of any kind to adhere firmly. Therefore it is no problem to vacuum the dirt off the floor again. If it should happen against expectation, we recommend damp cleaning (damp wiping) with water and laminate cleaner (NO dishwashing detergent!).

Summary of all features of the Visiogrande Autentico
  • Authentic tile decors in a large selection
  • Easy to install thanks to modern click system
  • High service class allows heavy duty use
  • Effortless cleaning thanks to high-quality surface
  • Lasts several decades