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Please note: Unfortunately, this product is no longer part of the current Classen range.
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Visiogrande Puro - the timelessness of the Italian style

In terms of flair, the Italian style not only touches on the classic formal language of a cultural epoch that is very familiar to us, but also offers a range of historical greats with cultural capitals such as Venice and Florence. The fact that this fame is ultimately based on very well-known textures and their application by world-famous specialists can still be marvelled at and admired daily under the protection of a world cultural heritage.

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No wonder then that the collection of the brand manufacturer CLASSEN© Visiogrande Puro picks up on structures in the style of these models, whose vintage surfaces are reminiscent of purist painting techniques, as known from fresco or tempera. Washed-out textures in which the colours appear naturally washed-out and thus have a magical attraction. Another part of this collection consists of decors of classic Italian natural stones from granite to marble to slate, as they are associated with Italy through all eras from ancient Rome to the present day. This gracefulness is underlined with sonorous names of Italian provinces and the manufacturer proves the variety of this series with different designs. The laminate, available in tile format, shines with sublime names such as Novara Vintage, Pavia Vintage or Brescia Vintage, but not only in terms of the choice of name, but also with a surface quality that looks as if painted. According to its own statements, the brand manufacturer was inspired by: "The simple elegance of Italian floors".

Certified quality with seal of approval

The concept of CLASSEN© is the result of an excellent selection of creative design smiths in the Kaiseresch in Rhineland-Palatinate. The individuality Made in Germany is not only superficially to be found at the very top, but also proves from ecological and functional points of view to have made the right choice for your own house.

Awarded with the "Blue Angel" eco-label for particularly environmentally friendly products and production chains that are committed to protecting the environment, CLASSEN© demonstrates added value in the form of an ecological production cycle and a sure instinct for sustainability. Laminate floors from CLASSEN© are low in emissions and the manufacturer is committed to protecting nature and the climate in the long term.

If you look deeper, the modern laminate floors of the Visiogrande Puro collection offer not only an Original CLASSEN-Board (HDF) as a stable base material, but also a pressure and abrasion-resistant surface quality, which is also lightfast, insensitive to cigarette burns and easy to maintain. In the living area the manufacturer gives a full 20 year guarantee for this floor. Naturally, Visiogrande Puro is also equipped with the patented fold-down-click installation system called megaloc, which makes floor installation child's play.

From powerful to friendly, a stage in the living room

Brescia, a city in Lombardy, is famous for its ensembles of buildings, which have achieved eternal fame as a place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site "The Longobards in Italy, places of power". An aura of the unfathomable is also perceived by the viewer in the vintage replicas of Italian floors, through whose wide halls contemporary history seems to flow into the present day. A stony river, which seems to flow brute into the dark as well as into the light due to differences in colour tone. Dark grey like the Pavia Vintage, only the twilight of nightfall has an effect, and in beige, the day appears more than friendly in the eyes of the Taranto laminate. More important, however, is the contrast, which offers the whole room a special stage through the choice of colour of the furniture and only in combination proves its own individuality in the design of the living space.