Classen Vinyl Floor Greenvinyl Base 3.8 mm

Environmentally friendly vinyl floor Classen Greenvinyl Base

A vinyl floor always has a lot of advantages. It is easy to care for, durable and almost indestructible. Unfortunately, however, it has always been said that these soils could pose risks to the environment. This is why the manufacturer Classen now offers a vinyl floor that is completely safe and has even been awarded the Blue Angel. But that is by far not all that makes up this special soil.

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Classen Greenvinyl Base - Made from the best ingredients

For the production of this floor covering, only materials are used from which no loads emanate. Neither today nor at any time in the future. It does not emit any substances that could be harmful to the environment in any form. This also benefits the residents. Even people who suffer from respiratory tract complaints can live with these floor coverings completely untroubled. Since no odours escape, no matter how small, these floor coverings are also very popular with owners of pets.

Greenvinyl Base is completely insensitive to moisture. No liquids can penetrate into the material. Therefore the floor coverings always remain dimensionally stable. They change their size neither by increased humidity nor by high temperature. This is a great relief, as no tolerances have to be observed during installation. It should also be mentioned that the materials used are fully recyclable again.

Laying is quite simple

The planks of the green vinyl base have a length of 1290 millimetres. The width is 173 millimetres. With this size it can be worked very well. Since the Greenvinyl Base planks are also only 3.8 millimetres thick, this Classen vinyl floor is very suitable for renovation work. This modern vinyl floor can be laid on almost any surface.

Greenvinyl is a click vinyl. With a simple but very efficient system, the individual vinyl planks or tiles can be clicked together. This ensures a durable, firm connection. If necessary, the connections can also be easily disconnected again. The planks can easily be shortened in length with a cheap cutter knife.

Interesting selection of different decors

The advantage of this floor covering is the choice of visually appealing authentic wood decors. Different types of wood, such as oak or pine, are available. Therefore a floor covering can be found for furnishing of any kind. In any case, these floor coverings are the highlights of any room.

Due to its high quality, however, Greenvinyl is not only suitable for private homes. In normal use, this floor covering can also be laid in commercially used rooms. This is a great advantage because design is also of great importance in many commercial spaces.

Enumeration of the advantages of Greenvinyl Base
  • Only vinyl floor awarded with "Blue Angel
  • Produced without PVC and plasticizers
  • Also suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Visually appealing, absolutely authentic wood decors
  • Easy to install click vinyl
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Long service life with low maintenance
  • Naturally waterproof