Classen Vinyl Floor Greenvinyl Touch 4,0 mm

Classen Greenvinyl Touch - the PVC-free vinyl floor with the Blue Angel

This series represents a special feature, as it is the first vinyl floor to be awarded the Blue Angel seal of approval. This means that Greenvinyl Touch has a great look and at the same time the floor is environmentally friendly and healthy to live on. This combination will convince you. From now on you can enjoy all the benefits of a vinyl floor while protecting the environment and your health. Remarkable is also the strength of the floors, with this comes an elasticity that makes this floor a faithful companion in your everyday life. The walking noise reduction is a pleasure for all those who value a quiet living atmosphere, because even walking on high heels is then hardly or not at all audible. Even those who like to walk barefoot will enjoy this floor, because Greenvinyl Touch feels nice and warm under bare feet.

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Beauty with sensational character

Classen's Greenvinyl flooring is a real feast for the eyes and sensational is that it also harmonises perfectly with the environment. You should not miss this novelty and study the different decors in detail and see if there is something for your home. Then imagine in your mind's eye how the floor in question will show off your furniture to its best advantage. It is enormously interesting to see how much this combination makes up in terms of appearance. For a special eye-catcher you can choose contrasts. This means that if you have light furniture, a darker floor will look great. The floor does not have to be really dark, but only at least a shade darker than your furniture. The principle applies vice versa. So if you have dark furniture, you can consider a light and friendly floor. It is also possible to order samples of Classen Greenvinyl Touch from Parquetkaiser, so you can hold it directly against the furniture and see how you like the contrast.

  • Elastic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Decorative
  • PVC free
  • healthy living
  • the only vinyl floor with the Blue Angel award
Create your dream apartment

Real aesthetes know how much colours and shapes affect the mind and the respective mood. That is why they consciously choose the colour of the walls, furniture and floors. You too can look out for the decor that you not only find simply beautiful, but that you are really enthusiastic about. Then you will take this enthusiasm with you into your everyday life and you will be happy every day again. So every day begins beautifully and ends positively when you enjoy your home to the fullest.