HARO Laminate Tritty 90

Tritty 90 for the special appearance

If you are looking for laminate flooring, you have found the right floor covering in the Haro Tritty 90 model. This one will inspire you because of its warm wooden look. The look is both warm and elegant, a great mix that effectively enhances the entire interior design. Many decors are waiting to be admired. Simply browse through the different decors of this series and you will quickly notice that each of these floors has that special something. The series Tritty 90 by Haro reflects the preferred country house style on the one hand and on the other hand it convinces by its enormous durability. Especially families with pets and children will appreciate these aspects. Because now they no longer have to do without an elegant floor and can still use it with the whole family for a long and extensive period. Imagine getting up in the morning and the first thing you feel is this beautiful soft floor covering pleasantly under your feet. So the day can begin.

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HARO Laminate TRITTY 90 Shabby Oak 1-strip plank 4V
Only 2,23 m² in stock!

12 Items

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Design and durability in one

In the past, it was not uncommon for aesthetes to have to decide on one aspect when it came to choosing the right floor covering. The focus was either on design and appearance or on durability and longevity. The special thing about Tritty 90 is that the floors now combine both aspects. This makes these floors an invaluable basis for the entire furnishing and for the quality of living. The children can romp around and play with the pet at will, the floor doesn't mind. The decors also all offer an enchanting look, whether shabby look, plain, classic, trendy and the like. If you are not yet sure about the look, the selection is guaranteed to inspire and convince you. If you wish, you can also view the décor with the whole family, and you can do so comfortably from the comfort of your own home, because we have provided you with plenty of room views.

  • Low noise
  • Hardwearing
  • Decorative
That certain something for your floor

Perhaps you have already compared some floor coverings with each other and are still thinking about which one it should be in the end. The Haro Tritty 90 laminate floors will convince you, because they are one of the quietest laminate floors, which creates a pleasant background noise in the entire apartment. The perfect looking surfaces also speak for themselves and should make your purchase decision easier. The floors also have a natural oil character, which is a very special touch in terms of appearance, which will be a feature of your rooms. Velvety soft underfoot you will love to walk barefoot on the floor. Take your time to have a look at the pretty decors in the shop, if required you will find the right care products here.