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Are you looking for an uncomplicated, moisture-proof flooring that looks like real wood and is easy to install, even for non-professionals? High-quality rigid vinyl flooring from the Kings Canyon series are durable, easy-to-clean all-rounders that are ideal for a quick renovation of your home or commercial space. The solid, multi-layer construction with rigid core technology, matte ceramic sealing and intuitive click system make up the quality and everyday suitability of this versatile, just 4 mm thick vinyl flooring series. The natural charm of the waterproof and sound-absorbing flo oring is defined by the authentic real-feel wood decor. Which decor variant fits best in your home?

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Pleasant country house floorboards with little installation effort!

For do-it-yourself professionals, these rigid vinyl floors are perfect! Want to make grandma's granny apartment more beautiful? The vacation home needs a cozy update and a practical floor with clever features is desperately sought for the children's room? The vinyl floor planks, which are only 4 mm thick, can be installed quickly and immediately give the eat-in kitchen, the stylish loft including bathroom or the chic student apartment the desired look. From elegant golden oak to natural oak or old oak, 8 attractive decors are available in this floor series of use class 23/32: Common to all variants is the scratch-resistant and waterproof top layer, which protects the decor layer against signs of wear and abrasion. The easy-to-clean Rigid Vinyl floors with the authentic wood structure meet the highest demands in terms of appearance, walking and standing comfort. Click through the different decor variants and be sure to order a floor sample at to test the feel and effect of your flooring at your leisure on site.

Kings Canyon Rigid Vinyl Flooring - practical, uncomplicated and timelessly beautiful!

Wood is still the favorite among flooring styles. We automatically feel more comfortable and a bit more secure when our lives take place on a country-style oak floor. Oak looks in natural color variations lead the pack when it comes to country-style planks in this country. Still, you know that real wood floors are demanding and want a lot of maintenance if you want them to stay attractive for a long time. Not everyone has time for that! Kings Canyon Rigid Vinyl Flooring are a wallet- and nerve-saving compromise for wood lovers who want a slip-resistant, durable, waterproof floor with authentic wood character and excellent value for the rental apartment or vacation home.

Kings Canyon Rigid Vinyl flooring - here optics and quality are right!

Today Hamburg, tomorrow Berlin and the year after next finally the charming wooden house in the country? If you don't want to settle for lazy compromises in the transitional phases, you'll gain more than one everyday highlight for living and working areas with this robust flooring. If you're spontaneous and hands-on, Kings Canyon rigid vinyl flooring allows you to discreetly make your aging old floor disappear in a day and enjoy the charm of your purposeful and versatile comfort flooring for the whole family without waiting. Not quite sure if Kings Canyon rigid vinyl flooring is ideal for your current home project? Just give us a call for a personalized consultation with our experienced flooring experts!

Kings Canyon rigid vinyl flooring: key benefits at a glance:

  • robust and resistant
  • waterproof and suitable for damp rooms
  • quiet and impact sound absorbing
  • warm underfoot and suitable for underfloor heating systems
  • hygienic and dirt-repellent
  • non-slip
  • easy floating installation

What makes Kings Canyon Rigid Vinyl different from conventional vinyl floors?

The installation of floors with rigid core technology is particularly uncomplicated. In winding hallways, apartments and small living spaces, the handy panels can be easily and quickly cut to fit with a cutter knife or vinyl cutter and joined without complication. Be sure to leave the necessary expansion gaps at the edge. With skirting boards, you can quickly and professionally transform your new home into a cozy place of well-being. At you can get the necessary installation accessories, skirting boards and cleaners for your new floor. You dare to take on the adventure of laying a floor for the first time? In our tutorials we will tell you all the important basics. But if you wish, we will also be happy to put you in touch with a professional craftsman in your area! Just get in touch with us.

Are Kings Canyon Rigid Vinyl Floors V-SPC your first choice?

It's not always easy not to lose track of the variety of floors available. In addition to material, appearance and intended use, price and desired lifespan play an important role. If you're not looking for a flooring for life, but a chic and functional companion for your current phase of life, this vinyl flooring series with 15-year warranty in residential and 5-year in commercial can be perfect for you! It will beautify your rooms and significantly improve your living comfort until the next phase of your life, without you having to spend a fortune! This fits your life plan? What are you waiting for? Request your floor sample directly.