Meister design floor MeisterDesign. comfort DB 600 S

MeisterDesign flooring Comfort DB 600: the extra-soft all-rounder in natural stone look

If you think of lava, concrete or terrazzo as robust stone floors, you are right at first! Many people like the look, but in everyday life we wish for a floor covering that is more gentle on the joints. The MeisterDesign floors of the Comfort DB 600 series fulfil this need. They perfectly imitate the attractive look and feel of noble natural stone floors, but at the same time they are much warmer and more elastic than the original! How to do this? The innovative Meister design floor series combines authentic stone design with the highest level of living comfort. The premium manufacturer's moisture-proof and 100% PVC-free design floors are real feel-good floors in the natural stone look thanks to their intelligent construction from a swell-proof AquaSafe core board, a scratch- and water-resistant Puretec surface and two layers of cork!

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MeisterDesign floor Comfort DB 600 - Cork + stone = comfort!

Your shop tolerates the strong copper look, but should it stay warm and easy to clean? In the winter garden you want to keep warm feet in a lava ambience? There are many arguments for an innovative design floor in stone look in the living and object area. The cleverly constructed material imitates the original perfectly, but scores points with a much more pleasant feel, greater durability and easy cleaning. Master design floors from the Comfort DB 600 series in attractive lava, concrete, copper or terrazzo design look great and make everyday living wonderfully simple and comfortable. Thanks to the integrated cork layers, the robust and healthy floors are a particularly comfortable alternative to classic stone floors. Choose your favourite design floor for your exclusive business or home!

Design floors in stone look: comfortable, sustainable and environmentally friendly!

The high-quality design floor series with integrated cork footfall sound insulation scores points for quality, comfort and durability. The fact that only sustainably produced materials are used for this flooring is one more argument for the environmentally friendly and healthy living design floor!

  • Blue Angel environmental seal
  • 100 % PVC-free
  • PEFC seal
  • 25 years manufacturer's warranty in the living area
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty in the commercial sector

Where, when and why is this floor ideal?

The 9 mm thick design floor with the high service classes 23 and 33 has everything in it! The footfall sound insulation made of cork quickly pays for itself in brightly lit old apartments and open-plan offices! The robust and hard-wearing floor is ideal wherever things are loud and lively! Chic foyers, clubs and offices gain in charisma and practicality due to the noble stone look. Maybe you like the trendy terrazzo or concrete flair in your private living rooms! Stylish looks and living comfort go hand in hand with these floors. The non-slip design floors with the elastic texture invite you to walk barefoot and waltz. If you want to renovate your old building flat quickly and convincingly, you can look forward to the practical Click system! With it the living room and office beautification succeeds fast and inspiring!

What distinguishes MeisterDesign floors of the Comfort DB 600 series?

  • warm to the feet and easy on the joints
  • waterproof and durable
  • hygienic and easy to clean
  • integrated cork footfall sound insulation
  • easy to install thanks to Multiclick technology
  • produced from natural and renewable materials
  • suitable for floor heating systems
  • suitable for damp rooms

The comfortable design floor for stone lovers

If you like lava, concrete or terrazzo floors, you don't have to do without a pleasantly soft feel! The alternative suitable for everyday use and damp rooms with integrated cork footfall sound insulation skilfully combines the joy of living with style. Enjoy the extravagant tile look in the open-pored stone look of your choice and be happy that your children cannot slip and seriously injure themselves. The light-fast and pressure-resistant surface in combination with the elasticity of walking results in an all-round, homely floor covering. You don't know whether black lava or iridescent copper meets your current attitude to life? Ask for free samples of your shortlist and test which design flooring décor suits your furniture and room situation. If you have any questions or doubts, we will be happy to help you! Just give us a call and let us give you comprehensive advice on all the details of these high-quality trend floors!