Meister design floor MeisterDesign. pro DD 200

Meister design floor MeisterDesign. pro DD 200 - very trendy!

Pola rich, cabin board or fjord oak? This innovative MeisterDesign floor series is available in many attractive wood designs. If you are looking for an authentic wood look with a maximum of hard-wearing and easy-care qualities, the pro DD 200 series is your first choice! These only 2 mm thick design floors are waterproof and therefore ideal for all kinds of wet rooms. Living and business rooms are practical and chic with these striking design floors in a wide variety of plank looks. Click through the different decor variants and colour families of the MeisterDesign series for gluing. Light and clear, dark and exclusive or striking and lively grained could be your new favourite floor in real wood look. Have you been flirting with the future-oriented renovation of old floors in your business premises for a long time? Do you want to bring your 1970s terraced house into the 2020s? Do you want to give your Tiny House a stylish and practical finish? This all-in-one floor is a family and business compatible solution with a future for many life situations! Do you have any questions? Your Parkettkaiser team is there for you!

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Meister Design floor MeisterDesign. pro DD 200 - waterproof all-rounder with flair!

For the garden apartment or the houseboat a real wood floor is too maintenance intensive for you? We understand that very well! People who live individually and close to nature like to bring a floor with a natural look into their home. Where children and dogs with muddy rubber boots or earthy paws quickly jump out of the garden and into the house, a hard-wearing and dirt-repellent floor is particularly important for family peace! MeisterDesign floors are made for the demands of children and design friends! The natural wood imitations of the decorative layer of these floors imitate their natural models amazingly perfectly. The multi-layer Puretec surface is waterproof and PVC-free. It reliably protects the floor against abrasion, scratches and signs of use. The semi-elastic Ecuran carrier plate and the fleece counterpart complete the clever construction of this well-designed master design floor. The modern and natural looking master design floors for gluing inspire with their pleasant feel and easy cleaning. Discover your new favourite flooring: Perhaps you will soon be using Oak greige 6959 or Field Oak natural 6844 to make your private and business premises a touch more practical and personal?

Design floors for all-over adhesion: The DD 200 series from Meister!

The only 2 mm thick design floors have it all: The intelligent floor construction of three layers ensures waterproof living comfort everywhere - at home, in the office, in the shop or in the hotel:

  • Made in Germany
  • 100 % PVC-free
  • Blue Angel
  • 25 years manufacturer's warranty in the living area
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty in the commercial sector

Where, when and why are DD 200 series design floors an exciting alternative?

Floating floor installation is not the measure of all things for everyone. There are good reasons to bond the floor covering firmly. For large areas or in the contract sector, gluing design floors in a wet bed has clear advantages. It is best to leave the gluing of this flooring to an experienced professional or take a close look at our installation video. Here you will find all the essential information about the procedure. The high service classes 23 and 33 guarantee the highest durability for this flooring, even in busy everyday life. If you are converting your apartment into your personal dance studio or are looking for a robust and healthy floor for your private nursery, the non-slip and easy-care floor coverings of the MeisterDesign series DD 200 could be a practical alternative. Hotel rooms with adjoining bathrooms are given a generous flair all of a piece. The robust floors are an attractive option for rental properties. Many people like the trendy designs and even if they are changed frequently, the hard-wearing floors will remain as new for a long time.

This is how floors of the MeisterDesign series DD 200 score:

  • waterproof and hard-wearing
  • suitable for floor heating systems
  • for full-surface bonding
  • suitable for damp rooms

The timeless all-rounder with wood character

The clever wet room floor transforms sparse wet rooms into wellness oases with a feel-good flair. The classic plank look fits into cosy houses, trendy shops, functional apartments and functional office spaces. Thanks to their lightfast and scratch-resistant Puretec surface, these waterproof floors do not bleach out even in strong sunlight. You are not sure whether this design floor variant for gluing fits your current living requirements? Our experts will be happy to help you with your questions and your decision!