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Meister design floor MeisterDesign. rigid RB 400 S: robust and puristic!

Large-format design floor tiles with authentic stone pore structure characterise the floors of this series. Those who love puristic design with a rough touch will love the phthalate-free vinyl floors of the rigid RB 400 S series. Moon Shadow, Moon Dust, Moon Light and Moon Grey of the MeisterDesign Collection rigid RB 400 S are versatile floors that bring puristic charm to your rooms. If you expect your flooring not only to have an adaptable appearance but also high durability, you should take a closer look at these design floors. They do not imitate anything, but are a versatile basis for functional rooms in private and professional environments. These robust and moisture-proof floors are just as suitable for modern family homes as for busy department stores. When things get loud and lively in your party cellar or studio, you will appreciate the integrated sound insulation of this solid design floor from Meister.

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MeisterDesign floor MeisterDesign. rigid RB 400 S - robust purism for living and office spaces

You like clear floors without a lot of frills? The straight-lined stone look tile structure of these floors fits everywhere. Light, medium or dark grey forms the neutral basis for your modern, minimalist or avant-garde interior. The restrained stone look gives you plenty of scope for design. This easy-care and extremely hard-wearing floor covering fits in the paediatrician's practice and in the conference room. Open-plan offices, designer bathrooms, studios and hotel lobbies receive a rough and original touch with this uncomplicated design floor. The pleasant walking feeling and easy cleaning are further arguments for the puristic flooring series. These design floors are the perfect playground for colourful and avant-garde furnishing experiments. Anyone who combines the floor in a classic and minimalist way will be more than satisfied with its practical qualities!

Design floors from MeisterDesign: acoustic insulation for music lovers!

Music lovers can turn up the sound or hit the keys harder with this floor! The innovative design floor with 1 mm XPS-foam as sound insulation does not let the beats penetrate to the neighbour anymore. Thanks to the waterproof rigid polymer backing plate and the multi-layer vinyl surface, you can also do the sound check in the bathroom! The fact that the high-tech vinyl floor can withstand a lot is proven by the premium manufacturer's promise of quality:

  • Made in Germany
  • 100 % phthalate-free
  • 25 years manufacturer's warranty in the living area
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty in the commercial sector

Where, when and why do design floors of the rigid RB 400 S series score points?

Wherever a thin, waterproof and sound-absorbing design floor with high durability is required, the Rigid RB 400 S series from MeisterDesign can score double points! The high service classes of 23 and 33 are perfectly suited for heavily used surfaces! In the entrance area of the company headquarters, in the sports studio or in the Bauhaus bungalow the grey design stars could serve as an easy-care stage. Because you can also simply lay these floors yourself thanks to the MultiClick system, they are an extremely popular material for passionate DIY enthusiasts. If you want to make old PVC or tiled floors disappear quickly in a timelessly attractive way, this series is easy to use. Moon Shadow, Moon Dust, Moon Light and Moon Grey are lighter or darker versions of a discreet floor covering with outstanding living qualities. Non-slip properties, uncomplicated maintenance and versatile applications make this floating floor a practical all-rounder for private and business premises.

What can I expect from MeisterDesign floors of the rigid RB 400 S series?

  • waterproof and hard-wearing
  • integrated soundproofing
  • uncomplicated Maxi-Click installation technique
  • suitable for floor heating systems
  • suitable for damp locations

The waterproof all-rounder with sound insulation

The moisture-proof professional flooring convinces many only at second glance. Because it does not push itself optically into the foreground, it fits in with many furnishing styles. The matter-of-fact appearance and the robust construction are ideal for the design of commercial properties or apartments with frequent tenant changes. Anyone who has fallen in love with the purist look of the discreet design floors will appreciate their versatility. This floor covering fits into all rooms of your beautiful home. In the colourful children's room, the subtle shade of grey brings peace and quiet, and in the office the necessary concentration. Are you convinced by the rigid RB 400 S series? Choose your personal favourite shade and look forward to the easy installation! If you have any questions, our team of experts will be happy to help you! Just give us a call!