Meister Designboden MeisterDesign. rigid RL 400 S

Meister design floor MeisterDesign. rigid RL 400 S: robust and with patina!

Striking wooden planks with authentic patina make up the look of these special floors. Those who love intensely grained wood with a robust appearance will find the expressive design floors of the rigid RL 400 S series to be their favourite. Baywood Oak, Prospectors Discovery and Rangers Choice are the melodious names of this robust floor series. Those who expect a floor full of character and practical features will discover many positive aspects of the Rigid RL 400 S series. The hard-wearing floors in a striking wood look are waterproof and sound-insulated. This makes them just as suitable for clubs as for trendy designer bathrooms. Click through the possibilities and find the practical and charismatic dream floor of your choice!

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MeisterDesign floor MeisterDesign. rigid RL 400 S - robust wood look for the perfect living atmosphere

Canadian spirit of discovery is in your blood? If attractive wooden floors with a history fascinate you, you can still pay attention to practical qualities. For many rooms, old oak wood is less suitable. Master design floors of the RL 400 series create a great compromise if your expressive "wooden floor" is to be waterproof, slip-resistant, easy to maintain, hard-wearing and sound-reduced. You don't think that's possible? The robust design floors with an authentic wood look prove the opposite. They bring nature and modern high-tech achievements into your rooms. With these uncomplicated design floors, hotel lobbies, fitness studios and comfortably furnished family homes become easy-care wellness oases with flair and charisma.

Design floors from MeisterDesign: Too loud was yesterday!

If your teenagers like to turn up the sound or practice for drum lessons, you don't have to fear the reaction of the neighbours! The innovative Meister design floor with 1 mm XPS foam as sound insulation gently and safely isolates the volume. The waterproof rigid polymer backing and the multi-layer vinyl top layer completes the cleverly made professional vinyl floor, which can also be used in the bathroom:

  • Made in Germany
  • 100 % phthalate-free
  • 25 years manufacturer's warranty in the living area
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty in the commercial sector

Where, when and why are design floors of the rigid RL 400 S series particularly suitable?

Floors are a matter of taste. One likes light oak parquet, the other is fascinated by old wood with a strong character. Rigid RL 400 S probably has the favourite design for everyone! This particularly hard-wearing and waterproof design floor series is also ideal for heavy-duty use thanks to the high service classes of 23 and 33! In heavily frequented corridors and shops, in fitness studios or schools, these floors withstand everyday life with ease. Dirt and scratches have no chance on these design floors. Thanks to the patented MultiClick system you can easily lay your innovative favourite floor yourself. If you want to transform PVC or tile floors in old buildings attractively into wooden floors with a living history, this floor series is a real joker in your hand. Let yourself be seduced by your favourite design and start your renovation adventure! The attractive design stars are also a worthwhile investment in the commercial sector and in apartments with frequent tenant changes.

What else can the series rigid RL 400 S do?

  • waterproof and hard-wearing
  • integrated soundproofing
  • uncomplicated Maxi-Click installation technique
  • suitable for floor heating systems
  • suitable for damp rooms

The striking design professional with integrated sound insulation

The waterproof high-tech floor with a striking wood look is usually love at first sight. Anyone who has fallen in love with Prospector Discovery or Oak Campside can't get enough of the expressive look for many years! For nature lovers with a practical vein, this robust flooring is an ingenious alternative to real wood. Studio, workshop, fitness room, bistro or home spa receive with these design floors authentic wood character and a high degree of durability. You would like to install your favourite floor of the rigid RL 400 S series immediately? Order your desired design and the required quantity online today! If you have any questions regarding individual quantity requirements or laying techniques, our parquet specialists will be happy to help you! Just give us a call!