Meister linoleum floor Puro LID 300

Please note: Unfortunately, this series is no longer part of the current Meister range.
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Meister Linoleum - the flexible flooring directly from nature

The invention of linoleum is already some time in the past. As early as 1860, its inventor recognised how ideally suited this natural material is for upscale flooring. But it has lost none of its topicality to this day.

On the contrary, especially in times of industrial style and co. it is experiencing a new heyday. It is a real trendsetter among designer floors. Flexible and practical in everyday use, but up to date and stylish in appearance - that's what makes the Meister linoleum floor Puro LID 300 so special.

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Nature is trendy

Who does not like to have a good environmental conscience! The same goes for the Master Linoleum Floor Puro LID 300, which has nothing to worry about because it is made of 100% renewable raw materials. The name linoleum already refers to the oxidized linseed oil that gives the material its elastic strength.

Further additives improve its specific properties. The manufacturer Meister uses natural resins, limestone and wood flour. Now it is incredibly resistant and yet its ecological balance sheet is impressive. The eco-label "The Blue Angel" decorates the environmentally friendly linoleum from Meister.

Linoleum and its properties

Its robust nature enriches rooms with intensive use at home and at work. This gives it service classes of 23 in the residential sector and 33 in commercial premises. The material also withstands high mechanical loads. In many cases, it can even completely reduce pressure points.

Linoleum is insensitive to some chemicals and is antistatic. The anti-slip surface is responsible for sufficient safety. This makes it interesting for commercial applications. However, linoleum stands out in particular for its antibacterial and slightly fungicidal effect. In this way, a high standard of hygiene can be achieved effortlessly in sensitive areas. This is ideal for families or allergy sufferers.

Change to a fully mature product

Linoleum used to be popular, but was difficult to install and involved labour-intensive maintenance. There is a remedy for this. The Meister linoleum floor Puro LID 300 is technically on the highest level. The HDF core board with Masterclick Plus almost lays itself. With the help of the solid locking system, the individual long planks are clicked into each other. The support plate gives stability to the floating linoleum. The cork back provides footfall sound insulation.

For a long time, waxing was as much a part of linoleum as vacuuming was of the carpet. However, the topshield coating makes it an insensitive all-rounder. The sealant repels dirt and lets it shine permanently. Care and cleaning are reduced to simple wiping with suitable care products.

Design for the whole apartment

As an elastic floor, the Master Linoleum Floor Puro LID 300 offers everything that distinguishes this type of floor: a pleasantly springy walking feeling, high abrasion resistance and low noise. But what is the best floor worth if the optics are missing?

Anyone who likes to live out creative ideas and appreciates modern design will love this floor. He feels comfortable with his different colours and patterns in many styles. At the same time, the decors have their very own charm. Not only in factory style he is a feast for the eyes.

In the old building he skilfully stages antique stylistic elements and stucco decorations. The urban loft with brick walls and deep window fronts makes it look spacious and spacious. In the minimalist open-plan office, it provides an expressive contrast to the concrete façade. He makes the children's room friendly and homely, ready for comfortable, extended playing.

The Meister linoleum floor Puro LID 300 is certainly in its element in your home. Discover now perfect designs and modern colours.