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Please note: Unfortunately, this series is no longer part of the current Meister range.
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The Longlife series PS 400 from Meister: shining parquet dreams!

For many people, clear lacquered oak parquet is the epitome of elegance and representative comfort. The Longlife PS 400 series from Meister is reminiscent of historical parquet floors as we know them from castles, exclusive villas and museums. The harmoniously grained oak floorboards in plank or herringbone structure look fantastic not only in classic interiors. Modern or avant-garde furnished apartments, houses and lofts in old buildings gain exclusive charisma and timeless living quality with the parquet floors of the Longlife series. The 7-fold sealed surface and the 2.5 mm thick precious wood wear layer make this parquet a robust and hard-wearing all-rounder for every living area. The extremely dimensionally stable HDF middle layer and the solid backing made of Nordic spruce veneer are a guarantee of quality for the 400 PS series Longlife parquet from Meister! Equip your well-kept rooms with a timelessly elegant and hard-wearing parquet of the latest generation! The Parquetkaiser team of experts will be happy to answer your questions about the Longlife series from Meister!

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The resistant classic with longlife guarantee!

Carefully refined oak parquet is an attractive classic for well-tended rooms of all kinds. If you are looking for a particularly robust yet elegant parquet floor in oak look, the Longlife PS 400 series from premium manufacturer Meister is the perfect choice. The expressive classic fits into modern or classically furnished rooms equally well. The striking herringbone pattern is for many of us rightly a highlight of parquet art! The oak planks lacquered seven times with acrylic lacquer obtain unique charm and individual charisma through the characteristic laying pattern. Decide for yourself whether the classic 1-strip wideplank or the distinctive herringbone look will better emphasise your individual style of living. Both versions of the exclusive three-layer parquet series are justified in spacious and highly frequented rooms. This parquet series from Meister may be laid or glued floating on underfloor heating systems.

Lifelong stylish living!

Clear varnished oak parquet always looks elegant and representative. The surface sealed with UV-hardened acrylic lacquer makes this high-quality classic parquet flooring particularly scratch-resistant and easy to clean! The expressive surface feels wonderful! If you equip your rooms with parquet flooring from the Longlife 400 PS series by Meister, you will transform living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms into real feel-good rooms with a timeless ambience and modern feel-good quality! The fact that the exclusive parquet floors have been awarded the Blue Angel environmental seal and the PEFC seal for sustainable forestry speaks for the environmental friendliness and sustainability of this masterly floor series!

Where, when and why is the Longlife 400 PS series from Meister ideal?

Your elegant city apartment should have a more representative floor covering? For you, natural wood is part of a well-groomed living environment? Real wood floors are always a special statement of upscale living culture and cultivated lifestyle. Because parquet is somewhat more expensive to buy than alternative floors, but with good care it becomes more and more beautiful over the years, heart and foresighted quality awareness are the deciding factors when choosing natural wood. With this particularly high-quality parquet series with a life-long guarantee in the living area, you will ensure carefree living pleasure for many years to come. Modern unique pieces, antiques, fine carpets, classic paintings and avant-garde sculptures appear even more valuable in combination with this elegant parquet flooring. Perhaps you courageously combine granny's Biedermeier sofa with the trendy Big Sofa and add the Mies van der Rohe armchair! As an elegant and expressive classic, this floor series is the perfect link between classic, avant-garde and modern.

  • robust and resistant
  • Made in Germany
  • Longlife-guarantee in the living area
  • suitable for floor heating systems
  • Real Wood, EPD and PEFC seals
  • Blue Angel

The representative parquet floor with high suitability for everyday use!

This parquet series from Meister is an exclusive all-rounder for more exclusive living feeling on normal days! Treat yourself to the charisma of a high-quality parquet floor with artistic herringbone or rustic country house floorboards in your daily routine. The elegant parquet variants with the 2.5 mm thick precious wood top layer are easier to care for, more robust and more durable than traditional wooden floors. The innovative parquet from sustainable domestic forestry is suitable for floating installation on underfloor heating systems! This makes the traditional flooring also suitable for walking barefoot in the cold season and for families with small crawling children! The exclusive and sustainable parquet series makes an important contribution to the environment and stylish quality of life in your beautiful home!