Meister Parquet Penta PD 550

Please note: Unfortunately, this series is no longer part of the current Meister range.


Meister Parquet Penta PD 550 - the durability of natural country house flair

In summer, when the warm rays of the sun shone through the village onto the rural landscape idyll, and at midday only the individual voices of children could be heard, who ran out into the fields again after lunch. Barefoot along the sandy path to a remote pond, in whose reflection the joy of the city children is reflected, Landlust stroked between the ears of the grasses at the edge. The upscale country life in the style of the country house flair preserved in the oak parquet of the MEISTER® series PENTA PD 550, reminds you of how it was back then. The flight from the heat of the city drove city dwellers in droves to the countryside, who indulged in the summer resort here in the shade for days on end. Like a fresh breeze emphasizes in the grain of the wood of durable oak parquet.

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