Parador ClickBoard ceiling panels

Parador ClickBoard ceiling panels in beautiful designs

A visually attractive ceiling covering offers several advantages. A panelled ceiling never needs to be painted again. In addition, the modern ceiling panels give every room a very special appearance. Older ceilings in particular usually do not look so beautiful anymore. Then it is advantageous if they can be embellished again without too much effort. Parador ClickBoard ceiling panels are particularly suitable for this purpose. The advantages of these ceiling panels are described in more detail in the following sections.

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Ceiling panels from Parador in many decors

Most people prefer bright ceilings in any room. That is why the ClickBoard ceiling panels from Parador are also available in many interesting light colours. The palette ranges from simple white to cream colour to a visually appealing concrete look. Decors in fine plaster are also available. Since the panels are not chamfered, they can be mounted in such a way that there are no visible joints. The ceiling looks like a uniform surface. The viewer does not recognize that these are panels. Thanks to these particularly attractive design options, ClickBoard ceiling panels are suitable for almost any room. In the kitchen they look as beautiful as in any other living room. These panels can also be used to upgrade ceilings in offices. Another advantage is that they are suitable for use in damp rooms. The MDF carrier boards of the ceiling panels have a high resistance to moisture.

Effortless installation of ClickBoard ceiling panels

There are numerous interested parties who are looking for solutions that they can implement themselves. With the ClickBoard ceiling panels from Parador this is possible without any problems. Before the actual installation, only the substructure has to be attached to the ceiling. High precision is required for this work. Any unevenness is clearly noticeable later. Therefore, it is better to allow a little more time for the installation of the substructure. The ceiling panels can then simply be attached to the substructure one after the other. The individual panels are screwed or pinned at the edges and joints. Thanks to the modern ClickBoard system they can be easily clicked together. This work can basically be done by any do-it-yourselfer who is familiar with the basic techniques of woodworking. A distance of about seven to ten millimetres should be kept from the walls.

What advantages do Parador ceiling panels offer?

In addition to the possibility of visually upgrading older rooms as well, the panels for the ceiling from the manufacturer Parador offer further advantages. There are a lot of useful accessories for the perfect finish on the walls. If pipes also pass through the ceiling cladding, suitable accessories are also available for this purpose. Another advantage that many interested parties appreciate is the possibility of installing modern ceiling lighting. LED ceiling spots can be easily installed in the panels. The connecting cables disappear under the ceiling panelling so that they do not disturb the good optical impression at all. Even if a ceiling lamp reaches a slightly higher temperature, this is no problem. The Parador ClickBoard ceiling panels are heat-resistant up to a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius.